It stands really true that big things come in small packages when one glances through Murugadoss’ repertoire of work. The filmmaker, who struck gold with Ghajini in Bollywood, is back to remake his own Tamil Blockbuster Thuppaki titled as Holiday. When Akshay Kumar was asked about his director, he said, “He is a short person but I can tell you that all he thinks is about violence. He is like a big bomb in a small packet.”

Quoting an anecdote from the sets of the film, Kumar said, “I remember he would sit on the sets and stare at me. I once asked him what was going on in his mind. He actually replied saying that if I have to strangle you how will I do it and at the same time I am also thinking that if someone is strangling me, how would someone save me.”

Akshay Kumar and A. R. Murugadoss on sets of 'Holiday'
Akshay Kumar and A. R. Murugadoss on sets of ‘Holiday’

While it was easy to burst into laughter hearing this, Akshay found the quality meticulous. He added, “Most instances, sequences in the film are based on real incidents. His films are full of real violence. He actually goes to the police station and reads the cases, studies them and tries to implement it in his films.”

Though Murugadoss in his interview mildly disagreed with Holiday being an out and out violent film. He said, “Holiday isn’t as massively violent as Ghajini. It is a lot about the family track and the love track since the guy is on a holiday.”

Well, the crowd pulling factor for Holiday is definitely Murugadoss’ expertise with laying out a thriller which has the edgy quality and is to the core a nail biting affair. Gearing up to hit the screens this June, the film is expected to take Akshay Kumar in an entirely different space.

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