As Vidhu Vinod Chopra becomes the first Indian to have written and directed a Hollywood film, ‘Broken Horses‘ we asked him how different the directorial approach and the script writing was for this completely Hollywood film. Mr. Chopra said, “It was very different. We had a screening in London and Alfonso Cuarón saw the film, and I was also present there. And Cuarón’s first reaction was ‘I am overwhelmed’.”

Vidhu Vinod Chopra at an event
Vidhu Vinod Chopra at an event


He further added, “He had seen 1942 – A Love Story and the first thing he said to me after watching Broken Horses was ‘You know this is not the genre in which you ever were, this is completely new cinema. Such a smooth transition.’ So everything was different. you will come to know that the film is made by an Indian writer-director only when you see my name in the end credits.”

Broken Horses will release on April 10 in India.

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  1. is vidhu vinod chopra ist indian to direct hollywood film hwo about
    shyamalan????is he american his parents great grand fathers not idnian?????????????
    no matter ist indian to make direct hollywood film
    is great achivement hats to vvc. good luck wish its blockbuster and indians do make intl movies

  2. Congratulations MR Vidu.
    u are very sweet friendly gentlemen
    thats the reason you aRe successfull
    biggest blockbusters indian movies
    are to your credit wish you great success
    with your maiden hollywood film,and wish
    you cAN make many more intl movies with
    huge success


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