There has been much dispute over the content of Krrish 3. Slammed as utterly unoriginal, one of the foremost reasons why it worked is because its target audience did not care which obscure source it was copied from. They were nevertheless entertained. But were their wards just as happy? While the convoluted plot line treaded along, many parents disapproved of the little kiss scene between Hrithik Roshan and his lady love.


Koimoi has compiled for you a few interesting opinions as to why such scenes are not needed in kids’ films.

“In Krrish 3 or even Ra.One such scenes were needlessly included. It is not okay with exposing kids to such things. It will be uncomfortable for parents mostly. And I felt in Krrish 3 the scene itself was not needed. It did not go with the story’s flow. We are not Hollywood and let’s keep our cinematic sensibilities to our roots.” – Satish and Krrish 3 movie poster and Krrish 3 movie poster

“No I am not okay with such scenes in films either. My little son insists on giving me Ratatouille kiss. If he tries the same with another friend that will be weird. Films have a far reaching impact on a child’s mind beyond we can fathom.” – Purtuta

“It’s completely fine. The prurient Indian mentality is what restricts us from digesting such scenes easily. For generations we have been feeding Birds and Bees theory to our kids. And if films like Krrish 3 try to make a tender move towards the better, we should support it rather than complain about it.” – Rehan

“Oh God. That tiny kiss sparked off a poll? (Laughs) I think it’s important to not restrict kids from viewing such scenes. It is natural and we have to stop viewing it as profane. The more natural such things remain for kids, the less curious they will be to explore things. It is important to maintain frankness with children. If you watch Krrish 3 and your kid asks you something, answer frankly without giving a ridiculous theory!” – Sanjana

“Well in such scenes, the most natural instinct we have is to put a palm over the child’s eyes. My 7 year old daughter came and told us how a classmate of hers had tried to lip kiss a girl. Scenes like those in films like Krrish 3 that is a craze amongst kids will encourage such incidents. And kids will definitely want to try it out.” – Dinesh

“Well it depends on how a certain scene is shot. If it’s a cute, gentle kiss, that is fine with me. Whereas if its anything raunchy, I would have my reservations as a parent on the same.” – Chhavi

“I don’t think kissing scenes in films like Krrish 3 are appropriate. Kids pick up unnecessary stuff from such films which is not needed for their age.”- Trupti




  1. kya kare india jaise desh me ,ijjat ki koi maine nahi hai,the other nations respect our country only bcoz of our culture and tradition but kya kare itne bade celebrity hoke bhi itni bhi koi respect nahi hamare culture k liye,this is india not america,so try to respect indian culture rather don’t destroy it by your money making strategy.

  2. KRISSHH 3 is amazing movie even there is kiss scene sci-fi movie it must go oscar awards.. plz don’t try to make down krisshh 3 movie it is blockbuster movie.. appreciated team of krisshh 3


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