The first trailer of Shaadi Ke Side Effects definitely grabbed my attention. The film that stands as the sequel of a film I had quite liked, the best thing about Shaadi Ke Side Effects is the freshness in its dialogues. Though the story isn’t entirely original or exhilarating, one can bank on Saket Chaudary’s quick and witty narrative. The trailer opens with the post marital bliss of Sid and Trisha. As actors Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan make a comeback in the roles of Sid and Trisha and commendably yet again it is an uncanny casting.

Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan in a still from Shaadi Ke Side Effects
Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan in a still from Shaadi Ke Side Effects


If you have been fed on the pedigree of American rom-coms like Harry Met Sally and sitcoms like FRIENDS and How I Met your Mother, SKSE trailer will be quite a delight for you! Refusing to resort to schmaltzy ways in the trailer, it is the kicking light heartedness, a fascinating new chemistry and zealous dialogues that makes it an interestingly impressive one.

The quintessential thing of every romantic film is a catchy chemistry at its core and somehow this one rendezvouses correctly every ingredient of an engaging romantic comedy. Though I make claim of it being infallible or faultless, but somehow dialogues like, ‘Einstein Ko Bhi Pata Nahin Hoga Taulia Ka Wrong Side Kaun Sa Hai’ are already a hit with me which aides the fact that the film adequately grapples the woes that a typical married relationships entails.

The mysteries of marriage that the last edition of the film had left to our imagination has finally been explored. The trailer was dazzling with correctly clever comedy and since the box office report card is already telling the somber tale of audiences getting bored with reeking formulaic films, SKSE might just be an entirely hip, relatable and competent comic caper which targets at giving its audiences an entertaining time. Don’t be surprised if you end up ranking this as one of the more vivacious trailers of recent times.

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  1. I know Farhan and Vidya are amazing actors, but I really wish they took the original pair- Rahul Bose/Mallika Sherawat in this film. It’s not the same! But I will watch it..the trailer did seem good nonetheless!


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