The trailer of Satya 2, that got released recently, attempts to shout out about the underworld fear but ends up being ridiculously funny! Kicking off with text written in blood blabbering about underworld icons like Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan, Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 trailer is not short of a tomfoolery of sorts.


Introduced with a shaggy hairstyle, as a looming silhoutte figure walking down Marine Drive, Satya is convincingly (naeh!) dreams of reinventing the underworld. Audaciously, Puneet Singh Ratn tries to impress with a few insulting lines about Dawood Ibrahim, which I’m sure will amuse the dreaded gangster.

Puneet Singh Ratn in Satya 2 Movie Stills
Puneet Singh Ratn in Satya 2 Movie Poster

Lacking the colossal stature or the class of J.D Chakrabarty who made Satya iconic in the film’s first edition, Ratn is nothing beyond a mere caricature of the character presumed to be larger than life in terms of evoking awe and fear.

The trailer lets out way beyond it should, laying out the gangster’s plan of work too, none of which impresses. Moreover Ram Gopal Varma, who walked home with 6 Filmfare Awards has a blurred vision of what he wanted to with Satya’s sequel. From the trailer, the mystery fails to hold its ground and the film’s camera work reeking of RGV style has become repetitive in terms of style and genre. With someone who has loved his cinema before, it is sad to see the man having crumble down to such slim stories.

C’mon RGV you are way better than this. I plead you to give yourself, your due!

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