Sporting itself as a comic thriller, Mickey Virus looks fun for most part. Telling a story set in ‘Dilli’ where Police takes help of a lazy vella hacker, the film might work purely on the strength of its screenplay and how the story is executed. If all goes well, like it did for Vicky Donor, the film might pluck out humor in the most commonplace things.


Manish Paul looks knockout in his impeccable comic timing but the romantic angle could have been avoided. I have a hunch that the deliberate attempt to add hotness might just end up in derailing it. The film’s idea is great and the dialogues seem to have a keen flair.

Manish Paul in Mickey Virus Movie Stills
Manish Paul in Mickey Virus Movie Stills

The thrill part of the film is somehow not very apparent from the trailer. It is definitely cheeky but will it thrill you is something one doesn’t get much to dwell on from the trailer. I am expecting slapstick and cheap humor but its lighthearted air seems witty.

Manish Chaudhary and Manish Paul’s camaraderie might be a riot, but the film might be a refreshing watch and that is exactly the luring point of the trailer. I wasn’t exceedingly impressed and keeping my expectations minimal. Mickey Virus is quite an interesting idea and its depends mainly on the execution how the film is woven.

Check out the trailer right here:

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  1. Seeing this. I am totally disappointed by this review. Here the reviewer feels that the comic timing of Manish is good and for Shahid he rejected the same. On the contrary mine and the public opinion are totally opposite. I ask komal Nhata from where in this world he got such a dumb reviewer. This is my humble request to Komal to either replace him or stop reviewing or firstly teach him how to review.

  2. Matru,

    Shahid FPNH trailer was dumb comedy,
    the trailer itself looked Raj Kumar Santoshi and Shahid have lost it. Shahid was trying very very very hard to tickle the funny bone. Shahid is not new actor.
    Manish Paul comic may not be excellent but here with script seems good.And Manish Paul timing is good and have been seen in shows where compering is done.He cracks jokes well.


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