And as if Queen wasn’t enough, Kangana Ranaut is all set to kill us by being even more fantastic. Looks like her recently acquired taste and preference of films will take her places. Not only is the actress flawless, but matching up quite the Vidya Balan caliber of pulling off an entire film all by herself. If Queen establishes her as an actor whose poise and confidence is surreal, Revolver Rani with all its commercial flavor will elevate her to the female Dabangg status quite literally.


In her opening shot from the trailer, Kangana in her savagely best announces in a menacing tones, “Hum Hain Alka Singh. I louve phasion, phun aur gun.” It could have been a easy hinterland story that Dhulia has an expertise over but Kangana doesn’t allow it resemble any of the earlier prototypes. She is very obviously ravishing in every frame and in her Xena like avatar, she is thunderously magnificent. Playing the budding political leader, she is quite robust and seeps in the right shade of ruthless in the trailer.

Kangana Ranaut in a still from movie 'Revolver Rani'
Kangana Ranaut in a still from movie ‘Revolver Rani’

High on the swear quotient which is obviously eye catching, the film’s real layers and nuances will perhaps be in the satirical touch rendered to it. The scene where Kangana pulls off the eye of a stuff toy gifted to her elucidates that not only is she a non nonsense person, she is quite a robust and unfeeling monster at it.

While Vir Das slips into playing her lover as the young Bollywood aspirant, it is Kangana’s strange obsession with him that strikes more. She isn’t a hopeless romantic clearly, but the dialectics of this relationship thrives on the lustful sexual chemistry she brings in with Vir Das. The actor is hands down uninhibited when it comes to straight faced, sarcastic humor, he excels. Taking a leap towards dark comedy might be very daunting but the actor’s promising repertoire gives the confidence that he won’t disappoint.

In the end, Revolver Rani is an out and out Kangana show. She is in the most fascinating career-high of sorts, delivering the unexpected and unimaginable with a surprising strength. For her mostly, this bizarre love story might just be the right concoction of magnificent.

Check out the trailer of Revolver Rani here:




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