The beauty of some stories lie in the charm it takes to unravel. The trailer of John Day is impressive in the anonymity of its story. All one can make out from the trailer is that it revolves around the mysterious death of little girl.


Besides that there is extreme tenacious tone in the film’s trailer which is engrossing despite its dark ambiance. In the first look, it might seem like a horror film give the tone of its actors and the look of its characters but the film composes itself as a high octane action thriller once you are done with the whole trailer!

Randeep Hooda in John Day Movie Stills
Randeep Hooda in John Day Movie Stills

Coming from the producer who made A Wednesday, one can expect the film itself to be grounded well in concrete plot which comes with a correct sense of ideology and what really demarcates the thin line between good and evil!

The film’s trailer has been purposely made hard to dissect and that works in its favor as we get the flavor of the film and linger longer for the plot. Randeep Hooda’s brooding presence is menacing and Nasseruddin Shah is bravura in his role.

There are flashes and fleeting image of a mourning mother, a sadist belting himself, a gun, investigation, and it all cooks up to a hilt with a sense of high degree drama.

Written and directed by Ahishor Solomon, the film has the legacy of A Wednesday that came from the same production house and hence it has a heavy responsibility to perform well in terms of plot line.

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