While critics have been known to pan Abhinav Kashyap’s previous work, he remains just as incorrigible even in Besharam. But there is definitely no denying that Kashyap can make crass consistently entertaining. While Dabangg 2‘s magic lacked the luster without his presence, the man is back to announce he will shamelessly make nonsense and yet entertain us with the same vigor.


Casting in Ranbir Kapoor as Babli, this will be the first time the actor has been jolted out of his cushion zone of playing the suave young elite to someone who has a rural twang and extremely loud. Ranbir, I have always commended, as someone who knows it right to sync well into the skin of his character. Thankfully, he keeps his new acquired Punjabi diction unhitched and seems to play crooked with the right heart.

Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam Movie Stills
Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam Movie Stills

The sleazy cheap jokes have remained constant and Ranbir is gleefully delightful in his wickedness. The opening scene has a tacky hint of DDLJ. What was hard to miss is the young Kapoor lad dances with such enthralling delight. There is an unbeatable energy in him which I am expecting will aide the film’s premise.

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor are back and the veterans from the trailer make it evident that they won’t fall short in matching up to their son’s upbeat enthusiasm. But Pallavi Sharda fizzles away even before you have noticed her.

In terms of plot, Kashyap has deliberately left it hazy in the trailer. As expected there is more style and elan than substance. But his style has previously created a sparkling Dabangg and it won’t be surprising if with Besharam he gives another dimension to the word itself.

Kashyap, however, can be called unimaginative as he more or less sticks to the same template of work as Dabangg, just on the platter of another story.

For me, the trailer’s highlight point was when Ranbir jumps on a jeep and its wind screen shatters dramatically. It cracked me up. Somehow it is difficult to digest Ranbir doing Rajnikanth-Chuck Norris style action. There is conviction in his mannerisms but somehow it is always easier to relate to him doing a more realistic role.

In the end, the trailer makes me conclude that Besharam is whackily promising and seems like an engrossing entertainer. I hope Kashyap has kept the Dabangg value restrained. Because doing a Salman won’t really suit Ranbir.

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  1. total stupidity kaha salman , akshay aur kaha ye the movie will definately be a hit bt this is wat happens tody greater the the stupidity greater the film becomes a hit dat,s y film like paansingh tomar , special 26 inspite of being an apriciated film bt dont hve the blockbuster status f..king man..


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