Indian films have had their fair share of over-acting, weird scenes and totally pointless and absurd acting. Right from the black and white era, overacting or hamming as it is referred to; hasn’t been gotten rid of. It’s funny and really amazing to watch, some of the most bizarre ideas of Indian filmmakers. Well let’s profile some of these creative geniuses this week.

Clips of actors hamming their way through a role were well documented by Sajid Khan in his show of yesteryears, Kehne Mein Kya Harz Hai. Sajid has a very unique and critical attitude of analysing Hindi films and as he himself is a movie buff, it was an easy task for him to document these hamming scenes. So is overacting hamming? Well not exactly! Doing and trying hard to do more than what is required often results in laughable results especially in acting. That is what constitutes hamming. We will try to go through a series of bizarre scenes in our hamming articles, let’s start today with scenes from these four movies.

Heeralal Pannalal

This is a text book copy of what can be called as Hamming in recent times. Lacking in storyline, this movie features genuine hamming by Mithun and Johnny Lever, who was seen his first and last lead hero role in this film I suppose! Mohan Joshi has also given a credible ham performance. A world class gangster is in his search of a top-secret diary Mithun-Johnny Lever’s possession, and the way he gets conned is hilarious. First, he gives 1 crore rupees and takes back a hotel bill and next time another 1 crore and a musical notation diary. The movie is reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s where there wasn’t any logic in most film scripts. If that wasn’t enough, look at the colour of their outfits in the title song. Red Jacket, Yellow Tie and multicoloured pants by both actors. Check it out for yourself.


This movie was supposed to be funny, but I found it to be humorous to say the least. Raaj Kumar in my opinion sometimes wanted that attention too much. The way he narrates his dialogues is amazingly funny. I think Raaj Kumar had told the producer that his character would have done everything that’s supposed to be done by an Indian army servant. It seems Raaj Kumar’s character has power equal to that of entire Indian army. He has bought down enemy planes and fighters with his rifle. Add to that, there is unrestrained Nana Patekar. In one scene, Nana Patekar hits a dart right on target even after being drunk heavily for the first time. Raaj Kumar must have demanded to go one step ahead, he hits bulls eye with his eyes closed! In another scene, Raaj Kumar as is expected tries to impose his supremacy. In one scene, Raaj Kumar goes to nab an enemy who is out to kill him. The goon drops a hand grenade, which Raaj Kumar catches out of the blue and then mouths his trademark dialogue. Hand Grenade is thrown backwards and as usual, it manages to kill six people instantly. Time for another trademark Raaj Kumar dialogue then! Raaj Kumar movies are a treat for any viewer according to me. He is an all skills expert in the movie as well. Dialogues are long, funny and often showing Raaj Kumar as the superlative amongst all. Best exercise is to watch Raaj Kumar movies when you are bored, it’s a promise you will be compelled to change your mood. Watch this one on the link below.


This movie had Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna and Rajnikanth together. Strikes a chord? Well, it has to be a ham acting treat and the movie surely didn’t disappoint. Rajnikanth is a police inspector while Sadashiv Amrapurkar is the villain in this one playing an international terrorist with a kingdom. When Rajnikanth nabs him once, instead of taking him to a police station or killing him; he decides to arrange a big festival to celebrate his capture. Amrapurkar’s comrades arrive and take over. Rajnikanth is shot by atleast 30 bullets I presume by almost 5-6 people. Yet Rajnikanth doesn’t die. Reason? Well Amrapurkar puts throws the Indian flag and just before it hits the ground, Rajnikanth who is lying on the ground stomped by a group of dacoits, leaps with a giant stride, holds the flag and falls. He still doesn’t die, time for a few dialogues with wife and villagers. It’s a must watch ham scene, tune into 1:34:00 till 1:56:00 in this video clip to watch.

Ghar Sansar

Jeetendra once upon a time symbolised this genre of hard working middle class young men, working hard to get a job. Ghar Sansar was a family movie, wherein Jeetendra the elder brother has to get his household out of the burden of loan. As he doesn’t get a job, he participates in a cycle riding competition to earn 10000 Rupees. Condition is that Jeetendra will have to ride the cycle for 7 days continuously without getting off. With a strong background song going on, Jeetendra successfully does it. When he is down after riding so much, Sridevi and co encourages him with their motivational singing. Director’s intelligence must also be appreciated. Every time the words Rehman and Bhagwan are uttered in the song, camera shifts to show Temples and Mosques. Do have a look at this amazingly funny scene here.

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