Wedding Pullav releases today and marks the debut of Anushka Ranjan as the leading lady. Belonging to a film family, she gets a launchpad for herself with South star Diganth making his entry into Bollywood. In a film which is largely made of debutants, it also sees acclaimed cinematographer Binod Pradhan marking his arrival as a director. A fun film with a destination wedding set up to it, it has Anushka playing a spirited girl who discovers true love in the midst of fun, celebrations, heartbreak, music and togetherness.

Anushka Ranjan and Diganth Manchale in still from movie Wedding Pullav
Anushka Ranjan and Diganth Manchale in still from movie Wedding Pullav

Wedding Pullav seems like a fun film in the making?


It is a very fun film. It is a light family entertainer family. When I heard the story for the first time, it was a little raw. The girl’s character appealed to me though. Over a period of time when people will get to know me as an actor and a person, they would see resemblance between me and the character that I am playing. Actually, to begin with I don’t even want to go out of my way and experiment with my roles. I want to be in a slightly comfort zone. I don’t want to take up something that is not me.

Guess a lot went into making sure that you get the right launchpad.

I am trying to get into films for a little while now. I have been modeling and also training as an actor with Anupam Kher’s acting academy. I have done a course in Hindi as well as dancing. When I used to hear scripts, I wanted to do something where I get my fresh air. I had that confidence that given a chance, I can carry a film with my performance. It was a process. At the end of the day I am happy with what I have got; it couldn’t have been anything better.

So you are enjoying your light hearted moments, comedy as well as some emotional moments.

(Smiles) My co-stars and I are a lot of fun together. I have a weird and witty sense of humor. I am like that from school days itself. People can’t believe that I can ever get angry. As for the emotional moments, it was a little difficult to begin with. I am not a very romantic person per se. However, in the film it is all presented as something that is very real. It is about normal issues and ups and downs. When it comes to the current generation, girls and boys are getting engaged and then breaking off. There is confusion in their mind. I have seen friends around me who have gone through it all. We have presented it all on screen.

Was it a given though that you would start with a love story?

No, not at all. I was hoping to do with any genre where I can show what my talents are. When it comes to a love story then there is lot of chance to do a little bit of everything. In a thriller, things turn serious. In a comedy it is all about fun. In a love story, it is a mix of everything.

You have a newcomer opposite you who is doing well down South. That sounds like a good combination.

When we met Diganth, within a day we decided that he had to be in the film. We got along on Day One itself. We chit-chatted for hours and were good friends soon. All my co-stars are more or less my age. We hung out and chilled out. We laughed, joked and today we are all buddies. Specifically for Diganth, his experience and my training helped a lot to get the right camaraderie on screen. Our off screen friendship helped since we had managed to build a rapport. He is experienced and that helped me in my scenes. It is good to have that kind of equation. Today, if I am sad then I can call him up anytime and cry.



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