Fans of Kamal Hassan expressed several doubts on the upcoming venture Uttama Villain, in social media. After thorough analysis, we came to a conclusion on the top three suspense points which fans are interested to know about. We have gathered some information on these suspense points and we are revealing few interesting facts about this flick.

Kamal Hassan in still from movie 'Uttama Villain'
Kamal Hassan in still from movie ‘Uttama Villain’

1. Interesting posters:
Posters of Uttama Villain raised huge expectations on the flick. It is interesting to see posters showing several poses by Kamal Hassan. In few posters, he looked like a king with a sword, while in few he has painted his face. Posters created several doubts in the minds of fans and few of them are interested to know the relation between the posters. “How a king with a sword and a Theyyam art pose match in the film?” turned to be one of the debate points on social media.

As per the information we got, “Uttama Villain” is the story of a superstar hero. Kamal Hassan is playing a role of superstar hero. The posters reveal the characters played by that superstar hero.

2. Comedy genre:
Majority of the online and offline media pushed this flick into the Comedy genre. Few fans, while booking tickets online, observed this aspect and they were curious to know whether this flick will be on the lines of Kamal Hassan’s past comedy entertainers.

As this film depicts the off screen and on screen story of a hero, we can expect “Uttama Villain” director to show few comedy scenes in between. Previously, Kamal Hassan did similar sort of comedy in few flicks.

3. Social concept:
Kamal Hassan has a trend of showcasing some social message through his film. His ventures “Dasavatharam”, “Vishwaroopam” came up with few society related concepts. Hence, “What will be the social concept in Uttama Villain?” turned to be a question in social media.

Few insiders from the film unit of “Uttama Villain” mentioned that this film will be coming with an inspiring social message. We have to wait for few more hours to know this inspiring concept.

Stay tuned for the latest review of Uttama Villain on Koimoi. Enjoy the suspense for few more hours and enjoy the flick of your favorite hero in your favorite theatres.

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