I am not a fan of the Basu Chatterjee classic Shaukeen and hence when the remake of the film was in order I wasn’t as offended as most of the loyalists were. The first look at the trailer did not disappoint me much. It seemed like a fun comedy which might have its own share of perv-jokes. When there is a line on how Shilajit is to be consumed, I assume the humor isn’t as clean as the 1982 classic.

But that is tolerable I suppose, as long as it doesn’t stoop too low. There is nothing wrong with three old men looking for some way to spice up their stagnated lives. The trailer doesn’t get out the essence too well, but we get the drift. Of Piyush Mishra, Anupam Kher and Annu Kapoor, it is Kapoor who gets the maximum screen space and the funniest one liners. He might have just immersed himself in the Vicky Donor tone, twang and swag but the single KD is an absolute showstealer here.

Akshay Kumar in a still from movie 'The Shaukeens'
Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘The Shaukeens’

Lisa Haydon makes a fab entry, adding the oomph value. The three oldies take a trip to Bangkok where landing ladies is an easier task. While that doesn’t qualify as a solid motive to transport the story to a foreign land, the flimsy reason takes the trio to Bangkok to have some ‘fun’.

Lisa is obsessed with the alcoholic superstar Akshay Kumar who looks nothing short of a hottie here. His entry is that of a hero and he will bound to make hearts skip a beat. Fans here’s your fantasy delved in screen! He is not the nice guy and a scene where he throws a fan’s phone saying, ‘Ask me Ma’am before you click a photograph’ is ace.

The Shaukeens has an interesting trailer with a steady ensemble cast. Not neat yet adequately funny, this remake might make Basu Chatterjee turn in his grave but I am sure Akshay’s fans and others aren’t complaining.

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