Akshay Kumar at an event
Akshay Kumar at an event

The Shaukeens has been promoted as a story of three old, lustful men who spend a judicious amount of time in the film eyeing Lisa Haydon and ogling at her, but she has her heart beating for Akshay Kumar alone. A fictitious derivation of his real life personality, the screen name of the Superstar in the upcoming film has been kept the same.


In a tête-à-tête with Koimoi, Akshay Kumar emphasized that the reason he is playing himself in the film, is to deliver a funnier joke. The actor observes, “It is always funnier to poke fun on yourself to make the jokes funnier. Nobody is interested in knowing what happened to a certain somebody. But if you say the same joke about yourself, it will engage people better. It comes out more funny.”

In an earlier conversation with Koimoi, Akshay had proclaimed that he won’t shy away from working in sex comedies and The Shaukeens seems like a variation of the same. But Akshay flatly disagreed. He said the humor of the film is more neat and the fun is more situational, despite it being the story of three lustful men.

Akshay completely sided with the film and its story, which he declared in post middle age reality for most men. In defense, the actor raised a moot, “When a beautiful girl passes you, it’s a man’s nature to turn around. This is the story of the three lustful men in this story. I like the concept in which the film is posed; any man who laughs at three lustful men is as lustful in his real life, but is just pretending to be virtuous! There is no man who isn’t lustful. Anyone who disagrees to this and says it depends on perspective is again trying to hide their lust in lies because it is socially unacceptable to think free.”

But Akshay knows that this is walking on a tightrope situation and he clarifies with, “When a man looks at a woman, his imagination is bound to run wild. A male’s DNA is composed such that he will stare at a woman. The catch is in how he behaves with the woman. When you tell a woman, you’re beautiful, she mostly doesn’t mind it and she feels good. But if you put the same emotion with a lewd exterior, the girl will naturally ask him to shut up and buzz off. I don’t know women completely, because yo can never know women for sure. They keep changing all the time. But of the little knowledge I have of women, they want male attention which is nicely presented. Things like – you’re beautiful, you look good, I wish you were my girlfriend, are things women don’t take very unkindly. There is a way to behave with women. The lustful characters we have sketched out in this film do exist in real life in Delhi. For instance, Piyush’s character in the film is a cheap character whose only wish in life is only to hold a hot girl. The Shaukeens is not a cheap film, it’s a cute film. When I watched it myself even I felt bad for these three men. ‘Hey Bhagwan Koi Ladki Toh Dekh le Inki Taraf, Koi Bikini Mein Samne Aa Jaye Inke’ is what you’ll feel. You’ll pity those men. And Abhishek’s humor isn’t pants falling and people slipping on banana skin variety. So there is a lot of smart humor in the film as well.”

The Shaukeens is an adaptation of the 1982 Basu Chatterjee classic, Shaukeen, and has a different palette to it. The fun is more relevant to this era and the story fits the bill completely. Directed by Abhishek Sharma of Tere Bin Laden fame, the film is an uproarious fun claims its makers and will release this Friday.

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