There have been many top notch villainous performances, which have created a huge fan following; maybe much bigger than the film itself. Some villainous performances were even better than the corresponding lead actors’, it’s worth compiling a list of top 10 villains from various films.


Classifying Villains has always been difficult.  As we get through all these thoughts, here is a look at some of the best Villain Performances on the Bollywood screen ever!

Amjad Khan -Sholay

Character: Gabbar Singh

Amjad Khan In Sholay Movie
Amjad Khan In Sholay Movie

We start the list by mentioning arguably the best villainous performance of all time. Amjad Khan had stalwarts like Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjeev Kumar in front of him. If anyone else was in his place, he would have baulked at taking the challenge. But Amjad held his own. He delivered a truly magnificent performance, which is remembered till date and is scripted in the history of Indian Cinema forever. Oh and what makes it more special, is that it was Amjad Khan’s debut performance. Truly epic in every sense of the word.

Mannerism: Amjad Khan’s Gabbar Singh, was a typical Indian dacoit. He has established his hold on the village of Ramgarh. Gabbar Singh is the Sardar of the Toli and is very crude and cruel in his behaviour. There is no such word as forgiveness in his dictionary and his aim is to rule the village by establishing his terror.

Famous Dialogues: “Kitney Aadmi The”, “Jo Darr Gaya Samjho Marr Gaya”, “Yeh Haath Humko Dede Thakur”. I can go on and on, as his dialogue was delivered in an impeccable style!

Ajit – Kalicharan

Character: Din Dayal/LION

Ajit In Kalicharan Movie
Ajit In Kalicharan Movie

Ajit, whose real name was Hamid khan, had previously essayed the central hero character in many of his films. After switching on to the role of a main villain, Ajit found more fame though! After his smash hit villainous performance in Zanjeer, Ajit did Kalicharan. The movie gained iconic status and is still remembered for Ajit’s cold blooded performance.

Mannerism: Ajit was known for his cold blooded style. He would operate as the chief of a gang, who never did the work by himself rather assigning the chores to his henchman and did all the thinking work by himself. Din Dayal is considered as an honest and respected industrialist in the city, but he is indulged in smuggling and won’t hesitate to eliminate anyone who comes in his away. This character portrayal established the stepping stone for a new era in the Hindi Film Industry for Villains.

Famous Dialogue: “Saara Shehar Hume Loin Ke Naam Se Jaanta Hain”,

Danny Denzongpa – Krantiveer

Character: Chatur Singh Chitah

Danny Denzongpa In Krantiveer Movie
Danny Denzongpa In Krantiveer Movie

Danny essayed the fiery character of Chatur Singh in an excellent manner. If someone has followed Danny’s career, they would know what a versatile actor he is. He could easily essay negative characters in Ghatak, Ghayal and Kohram yet every role was characterized with a distinguished class.

Mannerism: Chatur Singh is a noted criminal who indulges in all kinds of criminal activities. He links up with various businessman and politicians to carry such notorious activities. A powerful crime king who is feared both by politicians as well as businessman and capable of turning the tables on anyone; I couldn’t envisage anyone portraying the character better than Danny.

Famous Dialogue: “Chatur Singh Chita Ke Kaanon Ko Uchi Awaaz Bilkul Pasand Nahi”.

Kajol – Gupt

Character: Esha Diwan

Kajol In Gupt Movie
Kajol In Gupt Movie

Kajol had played simple roles till date, but Gupt was going to change her image. The movie truly established her as an established versatile actress. She herself confessed later that it was the toughest challenge of her career to play the character of a psychopath who could cross any limits to get her love.

Mannerism: Esha Diwan, is a silent and normal girl on outer appearance but is capable of damaging and eliminating anyone who she thinks can snatch her love from her. She first eliminates her boyfriend’s father as he doesn’t want to make her his daughter-in-law and then she kills their family doctor as he comes to know about her. She won the Filmfare Award for the Best Villain that year.

Famous Dialogue: There wasn’t any famous or typical dialogue as such for Kajol in this film as it wasn’t a typical negative role.

Amrish Puri – Mr. India

Character: Mogambo

Amrish Puri In Mr. India Movie
Amrish Puri In Mr. India Movie

Amrish Puri has essayed almost every character in his long spanning career. But one of the most standout roles was that of Mogambo. His role played a key part in establishing the image of Indian Villains on a film and the film fraternity in general. People still refer to his role and dialogues, some 25 years after the film was released.

Mannerism: Mogambo is described an international terrorist who is willing to go to any extent to conquer India. He is a brilliant yet cruel General who is utilising his powers for the wrong cause. From his self conquered Island, Mogambo keeps an eye on the entire activity going on. In a way, the role is similar to Sadashiv Amrapurkar’s in Farishtey and Kulbhushan Kharbanda’s in Shaan. Arguably, Amrish Puri’s portrayal was the best and most remembered.

Famous Dialogue: “Mogambo Khush Hua”.

Anupam Kher – Karma

Character: Dr. Michael Dang

Anupam Kher In Karma Movie
Anupam Kher In Karma Movie

Anupam Kher has played a variety of wicked roles in his long career. Karma is mostly remembered for Dilip Kumar’s brilliant performance but what was equally outstanding was Anupam Kher’s portrayal of Dr.Dang was absolutely brilliant. What was so striking about this villain was that, he was a very well educated man.  His main aim is to exploit the use of science to spread terrorism. The cold and calculated manner of his dialogue delivery was just supreme.

Mannerism: Dr.Dang is a criminal who is sophisticated, well educated and extremely smart. He is extremely confident, charming and has good communication skills. When he is brought in to the jail, he confidently quips that he has been in most of the world’s jails but has never been there for more than one week!

Famous Dialogues: “Iss Thappad Ki Goonj Suni Tumne? Ab iss Goonj ki Goonj tumhe Zindagi bhar sunaayi degi”. Dr. Dang replies in response to the slap by the Jailor Dilip Kumar.

John Abraham – Dhoom

Character: Kabir

John Abraham In Dhoom Movie
John Abraham In Dhoom Movie

Perhaps no other Villain has gained as much popularity as John Abraham in recent years. Dhoom was a trendsetter and rather than Abhishek Bachchan who was the leading hero, it was John who stole the limelight! Suave looks, stiff yet convincing dialogue delivery and his easy going persona made this role a huge hit.

Mannerism: Kabir is a normal guy who works in a Pizza shop except when he is off robbing. He is the head of the biker gang which specialises in robbing money. Skilled in engineering and modifying high speed bikes, Kabir uses his intelligence and personality to rob as much money as he can.

Famous Dialogues: John’s every dialogue was spoken with confidence expected from a charismatic and handsome thief. “Tumhare Saamne se Nikal Jaaunga and Aur Tum Pakad Nahi Paaoge” was one such sentence.

Prakash Raj – Singham

Character – Jaikant Shikre

Prakash Raj In Singham Movie
Prakash Raj In Singham Movie

This is undoubtedly one of the best villainous performances of recent times! What really stands out for me is that it’s the same powerful villain of yesteryears but the manneof portraying was so different. Every aspect of acting was commendable in his portrayal of Jaikant Shikre. Perhaps, Prakash Raj is better known as Jaikant Shikre which is a testament of his excellent acting in the movie.

Mannerism: Jaikant Shikre lives in Goa City and considers himself the unprecedented king of the town. He makes money through killings, drug deals, extortions and every other criminal activity you can think of! Do whatever, but don’t hurt Jaikant’s ego is what his message is to people. A slightly witty way of conversation also fits very well in the overall scheme of the character.

Famous Dialogues: “Aata Mhaaji Satakli re”, “Aali re Aali, Ata Tujhi Paali Aali”. These two dialogues are the most famous dialogues arguably these days! Jaikant Shikre’s dialogues created a rage throughout when the movie was released.




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