From the director who was the mastermind behind making the viral Google ads on friends meeting after Partition, Tevar‘s trailer did not show the same unusual thinking. I did not hate Tevar‘s trailer, rather it has everything likeable in it. Arjun Kapoor’s exquisite action, the picturesque, glossy, well color corrected, bright frames, Sonakshi Sinha fitting perfectly in her usual damsel in distress avatar and Manoj Bajpayee being deliciously devilish, are all the good things about the film which is very apparent. But it’s all standard and staple, a commercial potboiler with a hero whose well guided testosterone and overpowering machismo is expected to run the show here.


The dialoguebaazi will reign but the difference we expect will be in the making of the film, in its nuances. I am pretty disappointed that the trailer is no different from a usual Ajay Devgn or a Akshay Kumar or a Salman Khan film. It does sadden me because Arjun Kapoor is too bright a talent to be wasted doing what others have already mastered. Ofcourse, he will be bloody good at it (that’s a given) but somewhere the expectation from the newer folks are that they will be change makers more than crowd pleasers.

Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi SInha in a still from movie 'Tevar'
Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi SInha in a still from movie ‘Tevar’

The opening shot of Arjun Kapoor jumping from terraces is not unique, and while the context is missing from the trailer, the stunt has been done, redone and overdone in films. The Kapoor lad knows how to deliver his crisp punches right and the trailer has abundantly used it. Sonakshi’s Tevar is seen a glimpse where she says, ‘Rishta Aur Chabi Table Par Rakhe Hain. Jaatey Waqt Leke Jayeiga.’ Sonakshi looks stellar in a few shots, especially the one she is decked up in ethnic and dances like a beauty.

The trailer is an attempt on being pretty intense and is quasi successful in the same. I trust the director will explore better the chemistry of its leading pair. In one cutesy scene, where Arjun kisses Sonakshi’s forehead, there was a small stint of how gorgeous the two look together. What better in a love story, if the romance sparkles.

In the end, Tevar was nothing extraordinary or out of the blue. There was novelty in it but if the film is made with the trademark intelligence of Amit Sharma, I do expect that the film will have better nuances than the trailer could hold in.

Tevar Official Trailer

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