Surveen Chawla, whose stars are shining bright post the success of Hate Story 2, says that her success is not needed to make Ugly gain attention. Having garnered recognition for her role in her last film, when asked how will that help in her soon to release film Ugly she said, “I don’t think that a film like Ugly needs any help in terms of attention. Anurag Kashyap has a fixed set fan base, a niche audience who loves what he does; it’s a film that is unlike a PK, that everybody loves and everybody wants to go and watch.”

Suvreen Chawla at an event
Suvreen Chawla at an event


Surveen shot for Ugly at a time when Hate Story 2 was not even in the picture. Having said that Ugly needs no attention, she further revealed how the release of Hate Story 2 before Ugly has turned out to be good for her.

She added, “Though I have shot for Ugly before Hate Story 2, but for me its perfect as Hate Story 2 has brought certain amount of notability. People have seen me in the commercial zone. To begin with commercial and then go slightly off, only brings about your versatility as an actor. As per my plan it should have been the opposite, but I don’t think that would have been the right plan. With Ugly, all my fans are also waiting to see how different a film this is coming from Anurag and hopefully we should live upto their expectations because the film has got incredible reviews internationally, across various film festivals and even critics have given thumps up to the film.”

Ugly was like a dream come true for Surveen, as Anurag was one such director she always wanted to work with and what could have been better than having starred in his film, even though she had a small role to play.

She was happy with the way Anurag shot the film. Sharing her experience of being a part of Ugly, she said, “It’s a very different role for me, even though the smaller but, being in Anurag Kashyap’s film and working with him then when it was my first film. It was almost like a dream come true, because he is one director with whom I so badly wanted to work with. Anurag has made this film very organically. We were ask to prepare in a way where we didn’t know what was happening, we didn’t know anything about the script. Knowing nothing back and forth of what’s going on, we went back home, slept, came on set the next day. We were like a clean slate that Anurag wrote on and I think that has worked.”

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