Arjun Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor’s boisterous self will remind you of his mentor Salman Khan. Extremely opinionated and in the right tint, the actor in a recent media interaction spoke enthusiastically about how he hates to answer questions about who is better Alia Bhatt or Parineeti Chopra. Arjun who has worked with both has often been prodded with such questions expressed how infuriating it is for him to answer such questions.

When asked about who is better Alia or Parineeti, he quipped, “How different was it interviewing Alia and me?” The answer came quick and fluid.


He elucidated on it making it clear that he wasn’t being offensive but he doesn’t like answering questions of this order. Arjun said, “Two people are obviously not same. They both are unique in their own way. I hate comparing. Comparative study isn’t good. They both are fantastic in their own way and have distinct working styles. They both have their own process. Just like me and Ranveer won’t be the same, Alia and Parineeti won’t be the same. To compare is weird. We newbies have all been stuffed in the same bracket and stand comparable. We are all different people. I urge you all to give us that respect by not sitting and comparing us 24×7.”

Arjun refrained from making the conversation sappy and preachy. He quickly came back to the question saying, “Without making a giant discussion out of it, I think Alia doesn’t know her own abilities. She is still discovering herself. There is a lot of innocence to her and unassuming-ness too, which is her most endearing quality. People saw it in Highway now which I saw in 2 States when I started working with her much earlier. She is a very gifted actor. She is a very intelligent girl, way more matured than her age. She might be a very fun loving and sweet looking girl but has a mind of her own.”

About Parineeti, the actor said, “When I met Parineeti, she had already done Ladies VS Ricky Bahl but it hadn’t released. She really put a lot of effort in Ishaqzaade to get her character right because she knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime. It was one of the best female characters of the industry in a long time. She got to play a meaty role. Also she is a lot more aware than Alia. Parineeti is a little more older and wiser. She doesn’t come from a film industry and hence doesn’t have the baggage. She knew that she’ll have to work harder. She doesn’t think she is the best looking. Alia doesn’t care how she looks and that is the best part about Alia. Alia is not bothered about her makeup and looks.”

Arjun signed off with, “If we begin to look similar we will not be as accepted as we are now.”

Obviously the apparent animosity between Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra has been made into a big deal after Alia made some objectionable statements about Parineeti’s fashion sense. Though the duo made a double appearance on the show to make it evident that all’s well between them but obviously Arjun is often found amidst these questions because he has worked with both the actors but this time the actor took a rigid stand asking the media to not quantify stars into boxes and respect their individuality.

The actor who showed his mettle in Gunday is all set to release his fourth film 2 States one 18th April.

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