Shah Rukh Khan usually prefers working in his own business ventures ever since he donned the producer’s hat. However, in the earlier part of his career the actor has worked in 40 films before kickstarting his own banner. Reportedly Khan is now purchasing the rights of all his films and television series.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

A popular TV actor before Bollywood came calling for him, the actor has apparently already bought off the rights of his 1982 TV series Idiot and the 1996 feature film called Chahat that starred him in the lead role. It took producer Robin Bhatt a lot of persuasion to give up the only film that he had ever produced but SRK compensated him well for it. The film had starred Pooja Bhatt along with Khan in the lead roles and apparently SRK had insisted that Bhatt puts his money in the venture!

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    • that’s easy, it secures his future, and his estate is grows. Once SRK is done with acting, the movies price will grow and he’ll be able to live off the movies or if he dies, the rights will pass on to his family. Look at Michael Jackson, in the past he bought the rights to the popular songs of Beatles, today the songs are worth over a billion dollars. I know the films he is currently buying aren’t moneymakers but with correct movie he’ll earn. Or maybe SRK just wants to buy the rights of his movies.

  1. So that nobody in the future plagiarises OR tries to remake his movies :) He won’t sell the rights to anybody so that he doesn’t get plagued by crappy remakes of his good movies :P


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