Arey SRK toh is bachpan se late latif hai I think. When was the last time you think the Superstar landed up on time anywhere? See ab bitching karne toh I don’t like but Happy New Year ke sources ne mujhe yeh picture bheji thi and OMG look at bechara Sonu ka face. The poor sweet actor is waiting for Farah Khan here. Looks like SRK has rubbed in apna starry late latif avatar on Farah too. Picture se evidently they are all so trast no?! Just look at these poor babies.

Sonu Sood and Crew on the sets of movie 'Happy New Year'
Sonu Sood and Crew on the sets of movie ‘Happy New Year’


Usually toh aap sab boltey ho I talk without proof. See I got proof of how the director and his superstar dost is making everyone go mad wait kara kara ke. Punctuality is the most important thing in being disciplined and looks like yeh log bilkul unruly hai, I tell you. Ab aap readers toh big time fan ho SRK ke. Aap hi Happy New Year walon ko bol do not to trouble Sonu hottie so much na. Me toh will have total heartbreak only if he sits aise mooh latka ke.

And Sonu baba, you cheer up. King Khan ke big heart mein sabse major portion unke fans ka hai. I told his fans to tell him not to make you wait ab se. Happy? Maine fultoo setting kar di hai. Don’t you know this aunty simply rocks yo! Chalo Thank You kabhi aur bol dena. xoxo

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