Looks like the milkshake and the bikini, nothing helped P.C’s new track Exotic. With misleading lyrics about tropics that seem straight out of my class 8 Geography book, it banters about moving off to Fidel Castro’s land for reasons that logic can’t justify.


The Hindi bits of the song will traumatize you as they will almost compel you to picture Govinda doing the Tujhko Mirchi Lagi Toh Main Kya Karoon step. Priyanka by pepping up and anglicizing the most odd lyrics, the erotic bikini show was a necessity for the song to make its presence felt among the audiences.

The worst part of the song is that P.C’s music is embarrassing the famous rapper Pitbull. Heavily misplaced, Pitbull drops into the song out of the blue and begins rapping in what comes across as a gibberish fashion. Long before the viewer has absorbed the desi tinge in this ‘international’ song, Pitbull makes his confusing entry.

Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull
Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull

The attires of the two are so starkly different that it is more amusing than shocking. Pitbull in his trademark suit and Priyanka in the swimsuit, the song swishes swiftly from one location to another. I wish they had stuck to the picturesque locales to reason out why they decided to name the track Exotic.

There is one not-to-miss thing about the track. You must have a look at PC, flaunting the florescent green swimwear so fashionably that you will be spellbound at her audacious sense of dressing. Oh, the swimwear is so sleazy and incorrigible that the Lord of fashion might even think of it as blasphemy.

As someone who is so appreciative of her work, dearest Piggy Chops darling, we prefer you doing tender roles in films like Barfi than wasting your caliber demonstrating to the world your wannabe vein so unabashedly. Focus li’l girl, focus!

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