Sidharth Malhotra, who rose to popularity with his first film Student Of The Year, recently had to send a legal notice to the creator of a fake website which was selling merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and the like in the name of the actor.


The owners of the website, who pose to be huge fans of the actor, were misusing his name in order to earn big by bluffing fellow fans of the actor.

Sidharth Malhotra
Sidharth Malhotra

Says an insider, “Sidharth is very loving towards his fans. The only objection he had in this case is the fact that they were selling goods and clothing on his name on this particular website. That’s something illegal to do and he asked them not to use his name for selling or any commercial transaction or gain on the site.”

What triggered the apprehension was companies getting in touch with the actor and informing him about some fans who are approaching the companies on behalf of the actor.

In order to check the functioning and responsiveness of this fake portal, someone from the actor’s team placed an order for a tshirt which was acknowledged by the owners.

Due to this, the actor was forced to send a legal letter the website owners to immediately stop selling merchandise on his name.

Spokesperson of Sidharth said, “There are over 31 Sidharth Malhotra Fan Clubs online and they’re genuine Fan Clubs. The reason a legal notice was sent to the fake website is because it was a pirate and selling merchandise without permission”.




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