A section of the Media as well as the Public had almost written this man off, at the rise of a New Emperor at the Box Office some years back. From there on, what followed was a series of comparisons and threads reducing this man’s achievements to the mere shackles of tom foolery and a silly bout of mid-life crisis that the man was bestowed with! None of it was true, Shah Rukh has hammered it and how.


Shah Rukh-Rohit Shett’s deadly combo in Chennai Express called for an entertaining and overwhelming watch while cine goers kept the barometer rising with each show. Whilst the movie recorded a staggering 6.75 crores at the paid previews, the highest for any Bollywood film till date, crossing 3 Idiot’s earlier held record by miles, anticipation for the movie was sky-rocketing. And so it was, the verdict is out. Chennai Express is not just another masala entertainer, but it is one film that will be etched not for its content but for its intent. Bringing back our adorable and loved Baadshah back onto the game, acquiring a lot more provincial territories this time, Chennai Express has worked with magical numbers. An actor, who almost owns a bazillion hearts worldwide and is set to have been loved by an entire hemisphere of sorts, Shah Rukh has definitely kept up to his promises. A tentative home-coming for our King who has been revived with spirit and love all over again, it is time the Shah Rukh banner flies sky high.

Salman Khan in Dabangg, Bodyguard And Ek Tha Tiger And Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone In Chennai Express Movie Poster
Salman Khan in Dabangg, Bodyguard And Ek Tha Tiger And Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone In Chennai Express Movie Poster

Salman, who has prominently been the face of Box Office Revenue and definitely the Eid season, had to take a backseat this time, much due to the delayed shooting schedules and his growing nerve disorders. While the Dabangg actor who battled through all odds in life and reached a career crescendo with his iconic Eid Releases like Dabangg and Bodyguard, he carefully catapulted to super shot fame as he meant REVENUE like no other. 100 crores are just a passé for him today as his films come out and create an earth shattering response taking the box office by an overshadowed storm. Salman’s films are meant for its festivity, the celebrations and definitely his Superman-ish avatar with which he powers up the action scenes with all that gusto.

While Salman is the biggest Action superstar, no one can romance like our Baadshah can. And when his film booked in for an Eid release this year, people were skeptical about the Film’s Fate. And the verdict is out. SRK’s Chennai Express collected a humongous 33.10 crores on its opening day smashing all box office records it was eyeing for. With Shah Rukh becoming the flavor of Eid 2013, he clearly proves his critics wrong and makes sure it is not the right time to call him off the radar. He is here to stay and how! While pessimists might take it as a mere comparison between the two heavyweight Khans, this is in fact noteworthy of Shah Rukh to have been able to fit into the huge shoes of Salman, who has been famous for making and breaking his own set benchmarks. Prior to the film’s release when Shah Rukh’s Chennai Express was put under the scanner and was made the ultimate deciding coefficient of his Superstar power, the pressure on Shah Rukh has lived up to expectations, full throttle! Today as we crown Shah Rukh back as the New King of the Box Office, it would not be right to call off Salman totally!

Salman who with his flurry of films lined next year, especially during his favourite Eid season, is expected to create another new record, surpassing the 33.10 crore line recorded by Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express. From accentuated romance to perfect comic timing and gritty action sequences, Shah Rukh has definitely matched up to the euphoria that an Eid film usually carries. And with his film doing wonderful numbers, Chennai Express is expected to hammer upon other existing records and it would not be a surprise if CE crosses the 100 mark in the least number of days! But there are few points that definitely needs to be noticed. Ticket prices were hiked at 5-10% than original and CE had a magnanimous release, the hugest in history with a releasing spanning across 3500+ screens nationwide. So making the moolah was definitely a little easier than what it was for earlier Eid releases. With everyone hailing Shah Rukh Khan as the crowned Emperor yet again, this film definitely marks the re-return of our King we love and adore. As for Salman, we would like to watch him tread into Shah Rukh’s territory doing a mushy romance harking back to his lover boy image during the Maine Pyaar Kiya and the Hum Aapke Hai Kaun days. If Shah Rukh can step into Salman’s huge boots with panache and aplomb, Salman can too. We feel!

Now, the question that comes is, will Shah Rukh Khan stick to doing masala pot boilers like Chennai Express or will he embark upon another MNIK or a Chak De? Now that he set his records straight and proved his merits as the potential box-office conqueror too, we would prefer Shah Rukh taking up roles that give him a lot more credibility as an actor rather than just huge numbers. And as of now, Shah rukh stands tall as the last man standing this Eid. But will Shah Rukh be able to turn out Bollywood’s next Eid Superstar too? Let’s just wait and watch as we get on the Train baby! Till then, just Ready, Steady, Po!

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  1. Slap on the face of all SRK haters. Now they will all say that CE got 300 more screens but ETT released on national holiday Independence day while CE’s morning shows were affected by Eid prayers. Both films had ticket hikes so that factor is even for both. Keep barking haters. Next weekend record will fall. Though I will admit 3 Idiots lifetime record is very difficult because of OUATIMA’s release on Independence day.

  2. The King is back. But SRK should avoid doing these kind of masala films except to occasionally show that he is still the king. Meanwhile he must do more films like Swades, Chak De! India and My Name Is Khan.

  3. be Nayandeep ke bachche ….salman kui faltu films ki taarif karna bandh kar…..and be genuine….agle saal ki abhi se fikr mat kar…idiot…


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