The countdown for Dhoom 3 has begun. The film that is to release next Friday is one of the year’s most awaited releases so far. With other magnanimous films having proved their worth at the box office, Dhoom 3 is expected to show scope of toppling their hefty box office moolahs too. However, the film’s lead actor who plays the antagonist in the film believes his star value isn’t enough to derive heavy box office earn.

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan at an event
Salman Khan and Aamir Khan at an event


Aamir Khan told Koimoi that he isn’t the kind of star whose films can run on star value. He said, “I can say for myself, I am not the kind of star whose films will run on star value. Salman can manage that, not me. In my case, if my film is not good no one will watch it. Even I won’t be convinced with my work. Stars can only contribute to the first 3 days. Beyond that the film must have caliber to do well with the masses.”

Speaking of that our source even asked Aamir about his friendship with Salman and how that doesn’t get perturbed by the competition of their films. Aamir said, “No I don’t agree that that competitors can’t be friends. For instance, me and Salman are competitors. But all we have between us is love and warmth. Salman is a bigger star than me. He can take a film alone on his shoulders. I don’t envy him for that. I beleive it is most important to compete with yourself and keep rendering better work. I love seeing good work, whoever delivers it!”

Well, Aamir do you mean that Salman can drive his film without content? Let’s see ‘with content’ Dhoom 3 can do any magic at the box office.

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  1. aamir aur saman dono buddhe saale satthiya gaye hai.haramkhor dono sirf ek dusare ki jhoothi taarif hi krte rahte hai.. ullu hai dono buddhe…


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