Richa Chaddha makes news for her mismanaged dates again. On many occasions prior to this , stories about her dates have been published in leading newspapers. This time it is Indian born British producer Michael Ward who has taken a stand and moved on from Richa who was cast in his film Bombairiya.

Bombairiya was touted by Richa to be her ‘international project’. However, the producer was quick to clarify that Bombairiya was Infact an out and out Bollywood film.

Michael Ward
Michael Ward

Said Michael, “We have had to move our schedule twice to accommodate Richa’s new commitments. After shifting around dates for the second time and moving our schedule to mid December to accommodate Pooja Bhatt’s film with Richa, we were suddenly informed that we would not have enough dates to shoot with Richa as she had committed her dates to Excel as of Mid January and that she would be shooting for that film for five months! Bombairiya is our first production here and we have timelines to adhere to as well. Pia Sukanya the director and I took a collective call to let Richa go and start the recasting process. Due to her management playing havoc with our schedules, the schedules of other actors and technicians attached to the film have been affected too. We now start shooting in Mid April when we are able to get all the other actors combined dates.”

Adds Michael, “While Richa’s management claims that we had not signed a contract, fact remains that we could not sign a contract since our dates kept getting pushed around. Despite this we did give her a signing amount and have decided to let her keep it in appreciation of her time. I wish Richa the best and hope her representatives take better care of her date management in the future.”

Richa had the industry abuzz when she gave away dates allocated to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Ram-Leela to Pooja Bhatt. However, given that Bombairiya‘s producers had warned Richa’s management that she would have to be re-cast unless all of January 2015 was made available, it would be fair to say that she has been dropped from the film.

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