It is important to understand the essence of characters before you watch any film and with Dhoom 3‘s suspense kept on an insurmountable height, the audiences are getting impatient to know more about the characters and plot. The film’s trailer sketched out an outline of what to expect from the film but still the audiences couldn’t gauge much about Aamir’s background from the film.

Aamir Khan in a Still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in a Still from Dhoom 3


A reliable source revealed to Koimoi that Aamir’s character Sahir will easily be one Dhoom franchise’s most intriguing heroes. While the previous editions did not focus much on characterization of its antagonists, Aamir’s Sahir will definitely have more meat to it. Here’s what the actor told our source, “The character of Sahir is not outright negative that people are expecting from it. He is very different from my character in Fanaa where I played a terrorist, rampantly killing innocent people. The story of Dhoom 3 is such that your emotions are with Sahir. He manages to win your sympathy.”

On being asked about the Joker Connect, he said, “It is something we extracted from modern circus. Though international circuses are not very popular in India yet but in abroad it is considered very spectacular and majestic. In those circuses, a person adapts a specific character and performs all his acts retaining the same character. I play the Joker and all my acts in the circus will be in the character of Joker only.”

Finally we know something about the story and Amir’s background. Though obviously we’ll have to wait for the film to understand how the circus man turns a thief, but for now this is reason enough to look forward to Dhoom 3. An unusual antagonist always adds more flavor to the story.

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  1. Nothing new he has said about the movie,all negative characters shown in screenare bad because of their normal taking revenge have a bad past their family so they takue

  2. Aamir Khan chose the route of no/minimal promotion for Dhoom 3. So any reasons why KoiMoi is so desperate to help Aamir in promoting Dhoom 3 in such a way where it looks that he is not promoting but deep down he knows scavangers like KoiMoi are sitting with their mouth open to publish anything just to fill in the web page. Whatever is published in the article is extremely lame.


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