In his next film, Besharam, Ranbir Kapoor will sing a special song. The actor, who has managed to steal a million hearts with his acting and dancing skills, has another space to gather fans. The first song of the film that will soon get launched has an added credit in the name of the superstar, Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor turns singer
Ranbir Kapoor


The song titled Love ki Ghanti is composed by Lalit-Pandit and sung by Sujeet Shetty, Amitosh Nagpal and the actor of the film Ranbir Kapoor. The song is in the form of a musical conversation and when this concept was decided, the director of the film, Abhinav Kashyap was very keen to have Ranbir to sing the song as it was a conversation his character was having with someone in the song. No other voice would match with the actor’s voice for this song.

Abhinav Kashyap says, “When this concept was formulated, there were no second thoughts about Ranbir singing this song as it is almost in verse form and any other sound wouldn’t have worked. It was the most appropriate thing to do and we had a lot of fun while doing this.”

Ranbir was very excited to do this as it was the first time he was recording a song like this.

Besharam is one of the most massy and most awaited films of Ranbir Kapoor. Love ki Ghanti is Ranbir Kapoor’s introduction song in the film. In this song audience will be introduced to the wit and attitude of his character.

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