What is admirable about actress Kangana Ranaut is her determination to try out different roles. Definitely the actress has come a long way since her Gangster days. In Queen, we can perhaps see her at her hilarious best. From the trailer itself you can see the earnestness and sincerity in the actress to make you laugh. Though the plot might bring memories of Sridevi’s English Vinglish, Kangana’s Queen is rooted in comedy more than the drama of English Vinglish.


Tickling your funny bone all through the trailer, Queen is the journey of an Indian woman who has embarked on a journey alone. Funnily or unfortunately as you may put it , Rani is alone on her Honeymoon. Befriending Lisa Haydon whom she perhaps met in course of her time in London, Queen begins her escapades in the foreign land and ends up having a ball it seems!

Kangana Ranaut in still from Queen
Kangana Ranaut in still from Queen

What is striking in the trailer is the dialogues and the catchy music. Kangana’s offering is naive, innocent and extremely believable. It is a treat watching her on screen especially when she claims how her husband had wooed her for 4 years before she agreed to marry him. I especially cracked up at the scene where she says, “Usne na London Mein Sex Kar Liya Hoga. Siyappa!”

The highlight point however will be seeing Rajkumar Yadav in a romantic role. The actor who is known for his grit and utter naturalness in acting will be seen doing something he hasnt tried a hand at.

But in Queen, it is Kangana who will steal the show all the way it seems. Her naiveness is endearing and her ability to loosen up and take life as it comes is charming. We still have to find out why she is alone on her honeymoon but if the film manages to trap us as interestingly as it does in the trailer, we are up for a magnificent rom-com.

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