Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

Having done films like Raaz, Rakht, Darna Zaroori Hain, Raaz 3 and Aatma, Bipasha Basu adds yet another one to her list of horror films with Bhushan Patel’s Alone. Known to be Bollywood’s ‘Queen of Horror’ the actress having been part of number of horror films, will be for the first time ever play the ghost. However, Bipasha was pretty unsure of playing a ghost in the film.


The actress expressed, “It is tough to play a double role, its tough to keep on changing your make up hair and also your character in the same day, do the same scene all over again. The toughest part of this film was to play the ghost, because I never played a ghost and there is no benchmark of like where I could learn how to play a ghost. I was very hesitant, and I had told my director that I am not going to put up any make up, so he was very kind and said okay you don’t have to put any make up to play the ghost.”

“But every time I had to do a shot, the whole unit is looking at you and you have to do something so weird where either you have to snarl or you have to mouth dialogues looking demonic; its not something that a girl is use to. I am use to looking nice or maximum I have done is gone crazy, I have played crazy or evil or like dark. And to play dark is tough, for a person like me it’s very tough to play dark, and to be demonic was by far the toughest thing I guess I have done, because I was so unsure of myself. Every time I would do one shot and look at Bhushan, and he would do a thumbs up and say its all going good. Bhushan was very calming and so I got confidence to do it. But otherwise I was very unsure how a ghost is going to act. But when I saw the film, I look very scary without the special effects, so when the special effects come it’s going to be insane.”

Having had a disappointing 2014 with films like Humshakals and Creature 3D, success of Alone might turn out to be an escalator to Bipasha’s Bollywood career.

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