Chennai Express will be quite an expensive mode to travel it seems. According to reports from a leading daily, the film’s prices have been hiked by 40% on weekdays and 20% on weekends.


The reports also stated that most crucial multiplexes in Mumbai are contemplating on increasing the ticket amount to even 500 Rs. Being an Eid release, it is expected that the film’s cost will increase as common during festivities but the hike rate is unexpected.

Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone In Chennai Express Movie Poster
Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone In Chennai Express Movie Poster

Since Shah Rukh Khan has mostly got it right at the box office and so has Rohit Shetty maintained the momentum of his films at the box office, the combination of the two is dependable and multiplex owners are cashing this as the best opportunity to earn their best.

While Cinemax has decided to keep a stable 25% higher price for tickets all week, PVR is contemplating 40% maintained for weekdays. Inox has still not zeroed on their hiked amount but will obviously charge over the normal rates. Popular Mumbai based single theaters like Chandan and Gaiety will also hike the prices of Chennai Express reportedly.

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