Actor Prem Chopra and the sizzling Bruna Abdullah were recently seen on the sets of ‘Udanchhoo’ at film city. The veteran actor was seen in a fresh and unique avatar. Sitting on a grand throne covered with garlands and flowers, Prem ji was seen dressed in a lustrous blue and yellow robe playing a baba. Standing beside him, with true devotion is the stunning Bruna Abdullah, redefining sexy in a sari. The scene is full of ironic comical moments with the subtext of raw reality, where disciples of ‘Baba G’(Prem Chopra) have come to seek his blessings.

Prem Chopra and Bruna Abdullah in still of movie Udanchhoo
Prem Chopra and Bruna Abdullah in still from the movie Udanchhoo

Udanchhoo is a layered comedy and the script is inspired from real life events’. The protagonist and his family are sucked into the devious plot of the greedy ‘Baba G’. While Prem Chopra has a central role in the film, you will also see talented actor Rajneesh Duggal and debutant Sayesha Saigal in the lead roles.


Speaking on the subject Prem Chopra said, “I can’t divulge much right now. But this film will shed a new light on the ways of these “god men” and babas. The story is extremely fresh with unpredictable twists and is laced with humor all through.”

The Creative Director, Ravindra Singh said, “Udanchhoo is not your regular Bollywood story of a hero, villain and revenge. This is a character driven film where each one has a special role to play in the larger scheme of things. This is why when I started the casting process, I had decided to take people with a lot of experience in doing character driven roles. Prem ji and Ashutosh are a result of the same search. The film will elude you every time you think you have figured out where it is heading. It’s a great blend of comedy, complex plot and the thrill of a heist.”



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