Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in a PK Movie Poster
Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in a PK Movie Poster

Aamir Khan’s PK has been one of the most-anticipated films of the year. The film with its unique storyline has been getting a lot of positive responses. But what is it that makes this movie special? Well, Koimoi readers tells us why PK is a paisa wasool film, here.


Spaceship with an alien landing on earth as a start was not something I was expecting from a Hindi movie. It seemed the movie was going to be an epic failure for once. Add to that was the alien losing his remote control so that he was not able to contact his mothership? I had lost my hope. However I could not forget the fact that this was THE Aamir Khan at work so I was really optimistic that something good would certainly come. I was not disappointed.

One thing that I really liked about the movie was its take on religion. The main character was from outside this world so he had lots of questions as we humans are so weird. The alien is not able to grasp the concept of god and why there are so many of them. It gets really difficult for him to understand different religions and their conflicting definition of god. He finally gets the concept of fear-driven religion. He considers different religions as companies and their living leaders as company managers.

He proves how lucrative the business is by placing a stone up in a tree inside a college which was holding an entrance exam. He compares it with a nearby tea shop which required some initial investment and lots of effort. However, the stone he had just set up with some crimson powder was generating more money than the tea shop.

Humor is another thing that makes this movie so great. The main character’s lack of fundamental knowledge about us, humans, makes him ask questions which are really funny. This is the main source of humor in the movie. We get to see the extremely talented Aamir Khan delivering those punchlines perfectly.

One particular instance which is still cracking me up is the portrayal of different dress codes as observed by people of different religion and culture.The alien goes to a Christian wedding and expresses his condolence to the bride wearing white dress because he had just learned that a woman wearing a white dress is a widow (Hindu). The encounter is really funny. Again with his new found knowledge of dress code from the Christian wedding, he shows his deep sympathy to a woman wearing black dress thinking she is a widow. The alien is heavily scolded by the woman’s Muslim husband on how he is not dead. I suppose these things are funny when you actually see them in action.

I love the intense emotions that Indian movies have. What I call intense emotion is when a lover lets go off his love just to see her happy. The intensity increases when he himself facilitates the process and in a larger than life very dramatic environment (on live TV with international phone call from India to Pakistan with Pakistan embassy in some European country involved, I don’t know what would make it more dramatic).

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. It’s definitely a movie worth watching. I would definitely recommend the movie. If you just love casual humor, this movie is for you. If you like intense emotions, this movie is for you. A total paisa wasool movie.

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  1. I do not agree PK Movie
    I do not appreciate or tolerate such movies made on any religion or any religious belief which will create hate rate and are equivalent to hate speech hence shall not permitted to be given permission to release in legal. Will divide society and shall be considered as anti-social and create panic peculation in society.
    Movie shall be permitted to made for entertainment and shall not permitted on to make store on religious issues. If some buddy really want to do social work there are other format to do social education and not the commercial films, that can be documentary film an shall be made on real stories and facts instead imaginations.
    Making of such Movies on any religion shall be banned hence PK shall need to Ban completely.


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