If we were to name one of the Bollywood actors who is quick with his witty side and is extremely well informed about general subjects, Shah Rukh Khan will surely score in that! However, recently the actor after delivering a speech at All India Management Association (AIMA) met with an unexpected criticism.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Reports from a leading daily suggested that the actor discussed topics like success and failure with reference to education and the speech seemed uncannily borrowed from leading British author J.K Rowling’s speech at Harward in 2008!

Though SRK’s speech at AIMA was borrowed from multiple references, the actor made no effort to give any specific credit to the original sources. Mostly lifting words straight from Rowling’s 2008 speech incurred heavy criticism on the actor who was known to be extremely original and knowledgeable!

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  1. these all are rumors as this was the case with narendra modi too…
    there were people who made an argu that modi made a copy of obama’s yes we can speech but thanks to media..
    ajtak showed a video in which modi first said yes we can in 2004 in gujarat in a raily…
    these all are publicity stunts by some cheap writers…
    i have read both interviews of srk and j.k.roling…
    now there is a similarity between story of both as both has seen a below average past..
    so the main points are same…
    nothing else…

  2. The New Zealand Herald wrote about SRK’s Temptations Reloded :
    ‘Bollywood Comes to Auckland’
    Megastar Shah Rukh Khan delivered his special brand of showbiz at Victor Arena last night with a cast of 110.
    Such is his Star Power among the indian community that the best seats in the house(arena) went for $650. means nearly 40,000/- indian rupee. This is the testimony of how much popular he is among NRIs…His Temptations Reloded 2013 will be a BLOCKBUSTER….Long live the King…we love you.

  3. so wat this shows that SRK just doesn’t watch inspritational videos but also shares on the right platform… being a succesfull bollywood actor he’s busy 18 hrs a day, still he manages to reads 1000 of books quite possible he doesn’t remember who wrote what. what’s imp is that why was written….


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