Not many know this – Rajkumar Rao destroyed the sets of Hamari Adhuri Kahani on the last day of the shoot. Director Mohit Suri had constructed a few rooms of a house in a studio to film a few scenes. One scene had Rajkumar losing his cool on his on-screen wife Vidya Balan.


This was a scene in which he had an altercation with Vidya about her romance with Emraan Hashmi’s character. Rajkumar, the thorough actor he is, got into the skin of his role again and to enact the fit on anger a man would feel knowing his wife truly loves someone else, started smashing things and destroying anything that he saw. The original script had him just smashing couple of things but Raj punched the walls of the house, broke the mirror, destroyed the kitchen and Mohit quietly asked his camera-person to keep rolling the scene.

Rajkumar Rao and Vidya Balan in a still from movie 'Hamari Adhuri Kahani'
Rajkumar Rao and Vidya Balan in a still from movie ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’

The result – Mohit has got a truly emotional sequence that captures the reality of the relationship between Raj and Vidya in the film. Hats off to Raj for always going out of the way and hats off to Mohit for his impromptu directorial judgement!

Mohit says, “Raj really got carried away while doing the scene and his energy was so powerful that I kept rolling. After the scene, the entire crew was silent. Raj was drained emotionally after the outburst. He had gotten into his character so much that he couldn’t help himself but do the things he did on the set. We decided to just let him be for a while. He is just a fantastic actor. He always goes the extra mile and it shows in the film.”

Hamari Adhuri Kahani releases on June 12.​

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