Aamir Khan’s upcoming drama ‘PK‘ recently released its first look posters. While the poster saw Aamir gone nude and holding nothing but a radio from the 70s, the poster created quite a stir due to the nudity quotient. If this was any less, now we found out that the poster is after all an ‘inspired’ work.

A similar poster was released in 1973 by a Portuguese musician named Quim Barreiros to promote his album. In that poster, Quim is also standing nude withholding nothing but an musical instrument that covers his manhood.

Well, this inspiration seems to be quite an exact one. Previously Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3‘ poster also had run into controversy after it showed striking similarity to the posters of ‘Dark Knight’.

Check out both the posters right here:

PK Poster Copied From Quim Barreiros' Poster?
PK Poster Copied From Quim Barreiros’ Poster?

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  1. Extremely vulgar poster. Will keep family audiences away. And I am not surprised with this being an inspired poster. Bollywood shamelessly lifts from Hollywood. No originality. Aamir and Raju Hirani are very talented and must set an example in originality. Not like south remake king Salman Khan (who doesn’t give a damn and only makes films for his stone-age fans).

  2. Lol….after critisizing Dhoom-3 Poster (and the Movie marked d biggest BO hit till date). KOIMOI again critisizing PK poster means PK will surpass d collective total of all SRK Movies :P

    • Dhoom 3 hit not because of Aamir its because of Dhoom franchise agar let see how pk will do business this time 02 movies coming togather same time welcome back and PK and iam sure it will not cross 150 crores

  3. Cant it be a coincidence? U people make a hauaaa of every thing. Lakhs of movies are made every year across the world. Even if it isnt inspired, something similar will crop up. Grow up koimoi and haters.

  4. Aamir – a fine actor, and if, naked he, like Mr. perfectionist believes that the scenario РК this requires that the audience need to be patient, it is GOLD!

  5. OMG!
    The whole movies are being shamelessly copied.,from Hollywood.None cares that,..
    It’s just a poster also not from a movie.

  6. Are poster dekh ke kaise keh sokte ho ke yeh copy hai,ha bollywood hollywood se hamesha inspire hota hai.Lekin iska matlab yeh nehi ke story bhi copy kare.I hope pk will be a good movie like 3idiots not dhoom3.And it will be another ATBB of Mr.A.k.


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