The trailer of NH10 starts with the film’s lead star Anushka Sharma wielding a metal rod on a dimly lit alley. In the first scene itself, the sound of that metal rod screeching against the road gives you the creeps and ensures that the story ahead is full of dark and violent elements. Starring Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam and Darshan Kumar in key roles, the story revolves around a couple who set out for a road trip and how their journey takes an ugly turn when they get stuck in a local town that has its own vandals.

Neil Bhoopalam  and Anushka Sharma in a still from movie 'NH10'
Neil Bhoopalam and Anushka Sharma in a still from movie ‘NH10’

It seems NH10 inspires itself from the incidents of interiors of Gurgaon where crime has an upper-hand over the law. The action is brutal and bloody and it is interesting to see a strong female character in uninhibited avatar when she kills. This is Anushka Sharma’s breakthrough moment and it is the right time for her to show her versatility with this film.


Neil Bhoopalam does not have much screen space in the trailer but certainly looking at his previous performances, one can be sure that he is a safe bet when it comes to niche films. On the other hand, Darshan Kumar makes for an impressive antagonist and gives a chilling scene where he drags a women by her hair.

It can be said that NH10 does not exactly look like a novel presentation but sadly the execution is quite predictable and in fact a typical for Phantom films. The forced use of cuss words in the film and also highlighting them in the trailer seems quite a desperate attempt to make it sound intriguing. The trailer makes a good use of its background score as with each frame it picks up. One thing that NH10 trailer misses out on is grabbing attention by its dialogues, there are hardly any. Mainly the trailer relies on its gory scenes with dim environments to induce a level of curiosity.

Overall NH10 being Anushka Sharma’s maiden starring herself in it, seems to be performance driven drama that will truly test director Navedeep Singh’s skills after his much-acclaimed Manorama Six Feet Under.

NH10 Official Trailer

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