Akshay Kumar’s next with director Neeraj Pandey titled Baby ran into trouble while shooting in Nepal recently. The crew was asked to submit all shooting material due to non-payment to a Nepali film company. However, now the issue has been sorted revealed an insider. In fact, the Nepali Film Technician Association (NEFTA) issued a formal apology letter to the makers of the film.

A misunderstanding took place between the unit’s local production co-ordinator and a few of their vendors over payments. Apparently, the payments were made by Neeraj Pandey’s crew to a local co-ordinator, who failed to deliver it to the required officials on time.

Akshay Kumar in a still from movie 'Baby'
Akshay Kumar in a still from movie ‘Baby’

The formal apology letter stated a clarity on the issue and along with a request to not harbour this as an ill experience and form a judgement over the Nepali film industry.

Moreover, the film’s producer too confirmed on receiving the letter and having a smooth schedule ahead in Nepal.

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