Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda are coming together for John Day, an intriguing thriller that promises to go beyond the classic tussle between a saint and a beast. While one waits to hear more about that from the men of the moment, first time director Ahishor Solomon talks about this rare combination and what made him consider them as the right choices for the role.


“While writing the script itself I was very clear about reaching out to Naseer saab for the part of John Day. I also knew for sure that for him to say yes to a project, everything boils down to the script. I had to make it water tight enough for him to be interested,” says Ahishor.

Naseeruddin Shah And Randeep Hooda in John Day Movie Stills
Naseeruddin Shah And Randeep Hooda in John Day Movie Stills

Fortunately for him, Naseeruddin liked the script ‘immensely’ and gave him a go ahead to plan for the shoot.

“Then there was this other important character for which Randeep came on board. It wasn’t a very quick decision though. It took us some time to think about right actor for the part. After a while it came in my mind that Randeep would be a right fit. I think he was completely apt for the part. Moreover, Naseer saab playing a saint and Randeep a beast is an unusual combo as well. You have to see on screen the kind of magic they have brought together,” continues Ahishor.

The fact that both actors have this brooding quality about them only made Ahishor all the more sure about this combo.

He nods in agreement. “Yes, John Day is an intense film and by the virtue of both having it inherently, but naturally my film has gained all the more weight by their presence.”

Now one looks forward to the results on screen once this Anjum Rizvi, K. Asif and Aatef A Khan production releases all over on 13th September.

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