The speculations surrounding Mr. X had given us an idea that the film will have Emraan Hashmi playing the invisible man and whether he would be a superhero or just a person fallen prey to a bad experiment was kept in the dark. Now that the trailer of the film has released, we learn both that Emraan’s character is that of a cop who is left to die in a chemical factory by his villains and when an unusual chemical formula reacts on his body, he turns into the invisible man.

Emraan Hashmi in a still from movie 'Mr X'
Emraan Hashmi in a still from movie ‘Mr X’

Well, that was the plot of Mr. X and until now, it does not sound much interesting. While we have already given the tag of original invisible man to Anil Kapoor in Mr. India and Aamir Khan when it comes to attending award functions, this new avatar of Emraan Hashmi did not appeal much. The onset of the trailer itself prepares us that this will be a Bhatt film since all their dramas have the same feel. Lets, not forget how Vikram Bhatt’s last sci-fi Creature 3D fared and well the trailers looked almost the same.Unfortunately, Emraan seems to be sinking into his old image with this film and does what he is most comfortable at, kissing ladies (this time being invisible). There is more to him as an actor and even though his last film Ungli did not work wonders, I strongly feel he should be more choosy when it comes to the scripts but then again this is a family affair for him.


The graphics department needs to be top notch when it comes to the portrayal of such elements and Mr. X does not succeed much in it. After we have been fed with international dramas such as Fantastic Four and Hollow Man where the invisible personalities are shown with much finesse, this one seems a little amateur. A film like Hollow Man came 15 years earlier and it seems Bollywood’s special effects department is still in the learning process. Also uncanny resemblances in the scenes of Hollow Man and Mr. X will certainly spark off rumors of rip-off. If Hollow Man is a bad guy fallen prey to his own experiments, Emraan is the good guy who will turn a vigilante thanks to his newly gained powers and also seek revenge for his state.

Actress Amyra Dastur plays his love interest in the film and we hardly see her in the trailer, other than romancing her superhero boyfriend.

Basically, for those who do not have taste buds to savour International films, Mr. X will be a reformed and better version of Mr. India minus the watch which was a invisibility gadget back then and for those who have seen Hollow Man, this one is a refurbished version with a change in the storyline.

Mr X Official Trailer

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