Even when I am super thrilled to have one of favorite actresses back on celluloid, the first trailer of Mardaani doesn’t rise above caricature. Rani Mukerji as Shivani Shivaji Roy is what a stereotypical Hindi film cop is like. A minute into the trailer and you know her demeanor, her dialogues and her mannerisms fluidly. Nothing surprises you much and that is the trailer’s most visible flaw.

But that doesn’t translate into saying that the trailer is flawed. Not even close, in fact it is quite the contrary. Rani Mukerji shines consistently all through. Despite almost wearing her characteristics as a placard all through the trailer, Rani’s smashing screen presence commands solid weight.

Rani Mukerji in a still from movie ‘Mardaani’
Rani Mukerji in a still from movie ‘Mardaani’

Over dramatic and loud, it was a shock when child trafficking and YRF came together in the same spell. The production house has its own genre of human interest stories that it had mastered over decades, but breaking the barriers of their limitations by indulging in such gritty attempts is praiseworthy.

The simplistic trailer doesn’t give much insight into the film but has the power to get you awestruck. Probably the hefty topic of child trafficking is quite simplistically delved into and most scenes are designed to evoke an elaborate round of applause, the film reeks of a bombastic drama.

Rani is galvanizing and history vouches for the fact that the actress is simply terrific in hard hitting films like this. Swearing and loud Meera has turned into a cop Shivani Roy, with as much panache.

Catch the trailer right here, if you’ve missed it out:

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