It was quite a shock when Lootera was invariably given a miss at the nominations at most Award Functions this season. Actress Sonakshi Sinha already spoke up about this on Twitter but Ranveer Singh had remained more or less silent about the unceremonious abandoning of Lootera.


On asking Ranveer about Lootera, the actor went very emotional. He said, “It was sad that the technical team of Lootera did not get its due. Lootera definitely deserved a nomination in the list at most awards. If not for anyone else, Vikramaditya Motwane definitely deserved some recognition for the film.”

Ranveer Singh at an event
Ranveer Singh at an event

The actor also said, “It was appreciated by all and sundry. 2013’s first best rated film was Lootera which was later followed by The Lunchbox and yet no nomination was shocking.”

2013 Awards be it Filmfare or Screen has come under scathing criticism for multiple reasons and ignoring Lootera is one of the most valid, potent ones of them. Ranveer who is usually very impulsive remained diplomatic in answering whether he found awards questionable, he said, “Well I am very confused about my stand on awards. While its great being appreciated, such instances are perturbing. It is all subjective perhaps. When we were making Lootera, we knew it was a niche film only for selected audiences. As far as Award functions are concerned I love them because I get to perform and I love performances. It is not correct to blast awards because it is the only time when the entire industry comes together to praise and appreciate each other’s work.”

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  1. Ranveer was brilliant in Lootera.It was a very well directed and enacted movie. It is a joke to see Ayan Mukherji getting nominated for best director and Vikramaditya Motwane not. Similarly Shahrukh got nominated and Ranveer didn”t for Lootera…Anyway Indian awards are not given on merit…We audience love Ranveer’s movies and that is what matters. Love him.

    • same goes for MADRAS CAFE..i agree that it was controversial but is one of the best rated indian movies and probably the best espionage thriller ever made in india…
      how came shoojit sircar (director) did not got a nomination..same goes for john …it was his career best performance..

  2. Lootera had everything going for it, good script, good story, excellent songs and good direction and even good acting by the lead actress. But Ranveer Singh’s was an average and labored performance. Perhaps, a Ranbir Kapoor or Shahid Kapoor would have taken the male lead role to a different level and looked more convincing. Vikramaditya Motwani ofcourse deserved better recognition at the award functions.


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