It has become a trend of almost every other release running into problems with the censor board. The board has now issued a notice stating the words that have been banned in Bollywood films. Censor board has mentioned a list of Indian and English slangs which will not be allowed in any certificate films including regional languages.


Check out the list provided by Central Board Of Film Certification here:

Censor Board Issues A Notice Of 'Offensive' Words
Censor Board Issues A Notice Of ‘Offensive’ Words

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  1. Most of these words can still be heard in movies unfortunately. So we can still question the legitimacy of the so called censor boards. I even doubt that this sheet is like a printed copy out of a teen’s computer. Censor Board? Give me a break!!

  2. If you see the date in the right bottom,year is starting from 1…it means its a 15 years old sheet atleast. In today’s movie these words are used very often..seems sensor board has changed their rules now.

  3. its a very good step taken bypahlaj nihlani sahab,day by day in the name of real cinema the standard of hindi films was going very uncultured,cinema is a key factor mainly for school/college going youths,normly they follow what u teach them,if u can,t watch a film with ur family,it means we r poisoning our society


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