A popular film observer once wrote, only Salman Khan can pull off being garish and add conviction to the outlandish stunts. Year after year, we agree on the same but the unanimous agreement remains that the Daddy of it all is – Rajinikanth. Lingaa‘s trailer , however, unfortunately gives me the feeling that the typical staple, money incurring antics of the Superstar in beginning to wear out. It’s a typical commercial fare that has every loophole which a swear-by-Rajini fan will readily fall for.


The typical stunts haven’t changed in his last few films and Rajinikanth who emerged out of daughter Soundarya’s Kochaadaiyaan earlier this year doesn’t have graphics to conceal his inability to brilliantly slip into a zesty Lingaa as comfortably as he did in a Sivaji.

Still from the film ‘Lingaa’
Still from the film ‘Lingaa’

The trailer was not hate-worthy but nothing extraordinary or nothing we haven’t seen before. Rajinikanth slips from one incomprehensible era to another looking the same, delivering in his iconic pitch perfect tone the dialogues which are nothing short of being carefully devised clap trap. The 63 year old’s energy remains unfathomable and his punch lines can still cast the same spell on his millions of fans. While people are wooting crazily for Rajni in this trailer, I and many like me can’t help but wonder what different is Rajinikanth doing. Not that he is exactly known for difference, but have we already boredom watching the same stunts and similar dialogues?

He isn’t just about floss and swagger; he is also an impeccable actor. Rajini hasn’t been used much for his acting as much as for his star power and fan following. It’s shocking because the actor can do much more than romancing much younger ladies – Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi seems to have walked in straight from the sets of her another film where has the role of an arm candy. Quite a pro at playing sidekick roles which began opposite Dabangg Khan, she now does the same like a boss with the real boss. It’s high time another Vikramaditya Motwane comes and rescues whatever little talent that remains in this girl who can be quite a brilliant actress but prefers outlandish cinema over sensible stuff!

High octane action sequences will assuredly deliver what audiences are looking for. Divided starkly into two eras, one set in colonial times and the other in modern times, Lingaa needs to be backed by good writing to get some critical acclaim. The highlight point will be Rajini’s double dance bonanza which will be enough to get single screen crowds dancing in the halls. For the intelligentsia, most of whom might be fanboys of Thalaivaa, the most popular thought echoing right now is why isn’t there anything different in his recent films than what we have already walked through. The swagger can’t get boring but the stories indeed have become sheer cinematic drudgery!

Lingaa (Hindi) Trailer :

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