Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Success in Bollywood is a very volatile situation. It turns away very soon and takes very long to come by. Most star kids find it easier to find their footing in the industry but for people with non-filmy background it is just as difficult.


In an interview with Koimoi, actor Ranveer Singh talks about his non-filmy background, why Aditya Chopra’s decision of going for young talented performers was a pathbreaking move for the film industry.

“Everyone is insecure. I am very scared of losing what I have achieved. Lineage doesn’t guarantee success. The younger actors are more interested in playing unconventional roles and create our own niche. Ranbir (Kapoor) obviously leads the pack by setting new benchmark with the success of his films.”

Though the actor was careful in not commenting on Ranbir’s illustrious lineage, he complied with the popular opinion that the Kapoor’s success is validated by his talent.

The actor narrates that there was a time when there were brilliant films being conceived and all top actors were busy with their own projects. To get their dates would be impossible and every venture was kept on hold till available dates were found. It was then that Aditya Chopra fathomed the need of finding new talent and including them in films.

Singh says, “For me business flew in after Ramleela. I was getting more calls and newer projects. I was deviating from my focal track and a friend explained to me that I need to use my energy in improving my work by spending more time with the script. And I did exactly that.”

Well, thank God Aditya Chopra found Ranveer Singh for the industry. The man’s evident zeal light up every frame he is in and with films like Ramleela and more recently Gunday, the actor proves true to his own words. He might not have inherited an illustrious legacy of films in trail or family but when in a film, he is slowly emerging as the best thing to look out for.

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