I was glancing through the newly released trailers when Nagesh Kukunoor’s upcoming film Lakshmi caught my attention. A top notch filmmaker that he is, Kukunoor managed to showcase his prowess with delights like Iqbal and mostly Dor. Though his films are never commercial artifacts, they are fantastically etched films which alluringly conveys the director’s knowledge of his art.


Lakshmi‘s trailer is spine chilling. If you are a woman, this is one trailer that drive you through your darkest nightmares forcing you to wonder – what if it was you! Based on a real life incident, the film’s trailer traces the life of a young girl who is forced into prostitution. The subject itself is so relevant to India these days because women here live in the perennial fear of being subjected to sexual terrorism.

Indian society that is perhaps excellent of showing the more glorious side of the rising shinning and incredible India.But films like Lakshmi are necessary to mirror the myriad unspoken realities that co-exist. While an urban Indian woman has earned herself the freedom to live life on her own terms, many impoverished younger girls are constantly being forced into prostitution due to persistent and abject poverty. More often than not, victims of prostitution disproportionately emerge from the society’s more disadvantaged sectors.

But the riveting trailer assures that the film isn’t all that somber as it retells a courageous story. The protagonist after being compelled to satiate the insurmountable sexual desires of multiple men who brutally and ruthlessly shatter her, musters up the infallible courage to pursue a lawful way to fight her tormentors.

I wouldn’t term it as a bold film as much as an unbendingly determined effort to bring out a story of hope, faith and courage. Fighting a male centric society that invariably points everything as the woman’s fault, this story promises to be heart wrenching and inexorable, restoring faith that triumph from the most insurmountable menaces require courage. I presume Lakshmi will be an inspiring story and though films like these have barely any commercial scope, stories like these need to be told to incite zillions of sex trade victims who bear through excruciating pain simply because they cannot gather courage to put up a strong fight.

Monali Thakur in a still from Lakshmi
Monali Thakur in a still from Lakshmi




  1. what sort of hope you are talking about mr basu. story like lakshmi. it is dark side of the socity,back side of the mirror.who care or wana to see how filthy mirror,s othre side is.india wants to see just rom com & desi action.
    who will come to waste 2 hours+sar dard.we do not want
    to face that sort of bitter realities of our socity.if we do not to see then who will stop this. .so called incredible india.
    what sort of the hope mr basu?


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