Taking ahead the story of its prequel Krrish, the brand new trailer of Krrish 3 is indeed something India has never seen before. The masked super figure dons his suit yet again to give us a film which is well embedded in its powerful Hollywood sensibilities. The technical aspects are overwhelming and the carnage that has been shown briefly in the concluding part of the trailer has immense ground breaking potential.

Krrish has the look of a lingering catastrophe that is bound to surround him doing the job he does. There is a powerful glimpse of his charismatic presence in the shattering action sequences of the film that has been done in an exemplary fashion.

But yet again, Krrish 3 suffers from the same flaw its prequel had or for that matter Superhero films have. There is a lack of substantial story line since the makers focus too hard on getting the film’s stunts right. Certainly, the trailer is nowhere near perfect as it neither enthralls nor is gritty.

Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3 Movie Stills
Hrithik Roshan in Krrish 3 Movie Stills

There are very few superhero film that can flaunt its intelligence and be rest assured Krrish won’t be one of them. From its first trailer, the film is another tale of good triumphs over evil with a crusader playing the savior role with his superpowers.

The trailer gives an excessive celluloid place to the hilt of action as if to make the flamboyance of their film very obvious. For most part of the audiences, I assure you, will be so impressed with the exquisite technical hilt the film achieves, that they will almost ignore that Krrish 3 is careful in not letting out their story.

Rather, there is barely a scene each of its antagonists, with Vivek Oberoi absolutely missing the trailer. Kangana Ranaut look is extremely plastic but then she does look good. Seemed to have straight assorted her look out of previous technically lavish Bollywood flicks like Love Story 2050 and even the Rajnikanth starrer Robot, she bears resemblance to the lead ladies of those films.

The most disappointing thing about the trailer is that the film’s lead lady (Priyanka Chopra) who was one of the most striking figure in Krrish, was given a miss in the first look of this one. There is a hint of a kissing scene between the superhero and her and that’s all we see of her here!

The problem with the film’s trailer that it evidently shows a lack of imagination in its conception and executions. It absolutely fails to dish out anything the audiences haven’t seen in Hollywood flicks. We can claim that it is India’s answer to the likes of Batman and Superman, but it obviously doesn’t meet their colossal grandeur or stature!

Focusing excessively on how a superhero savior saves the world from the wreckage, there is lack of human touch in the film. Nevertheless if you want inexplicable action in Bollywood ishtyle Krrish won’t disappoint you!

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