Jai Ho Movie Poster
Jai Ho Movie Poster

It is an established fact that Jai Ho isn’t the blockbuster it should have been. there are multiple reasons for its failure. A staunch Salman Khan fan Pankaj Sinha writes to Koimoi about the reasons why Jai Ho could not work at the box office and what would help Salman and many other stars of his league to market their films more viably.


Salman Khan’s Jai Ho may have not lived up to the world’s expectations of stupendous success, but according to me, it has done a ‘not-bad’ business as the film has crossed over 100 Crore mark at domestic market. Yes, I agree that the expectations were higher, from Jai Ho, given Salman’s five consecutive blockbuster films in the past history. I would like to mention, that it may have failed to break the records, but it will be surely remembered as one of the well made films of Salman Khan.

Here I present to you some factors, due to which, Jai Ho couldn’t do the much expected business at the Box Office:


Jai Ho could have been stronger at box office with better music. Generally, Salman Khan’s films have great music with one or two entertaining massy songs. I feel, hit music plays a great role in the film’s performance at box office. Salman Khan has a great taste in music but this time, he has failed badly with it. The music of smaller film like Yaariyan became more popular during the same time, while Jai Ho was not able to create that curiosity with its music.

Female Lead:

Daisy Shah got a good break with this film and also has done a good job. But, I feel the bigger or more popular an actress is, the better chance of adding saleable value to the film. The popular actress would have added her own fans, who would come to watch her film. I think, big budget films should not risk with new actress. Salman Khan has acted with maximum new actress but he should understand the demands of today’s audience. We would rather like to see Salman Khan pairing with current top actress than a new actress.


Jai Ho was not marketed well. You need to constantly innovate new ideas during your marketing campaign of the film. Generally Salman Khan was more active while promoting his earlier films. But this time, there was a lack of efforts from his side while marketing the film. When you do one or two films a year, then your need to market your product well at least for 2 months? You may be popular star but marketing and promotion of the film plays a big role for higher box office collection. Your first weekend collection decides the fate of the film. This can be a lesson for the film industry in general as well.

Salman Khan political controversy and Bigg Boss antics have left a lot of his fans fuming. We could see lot of negativity on Social Media against him. The actor needs to re-work on his PR Image. Negative Publicity can go against you at Box Office. The actors have to be careful with this as Social Media has become really powerful.

As his fan, I feel Salman Khan has been doing similar kind of masala flicks. He needs to do different kind of films. You can choose entertaining films but with different subjects. The audience has become intelligent. We need films with better storylines and screenplay. The other characters of the film should add meaning to the films. They should not be wasted in the films.

Salman Khan had been on top form for last three years but Jai Ho has given him some jolt so that he understands the perspective of his audiences. They have not rejected him but his film. They want him to come up with better storylines and try experimenting with different genres as well. Jai Ho has been one nice film but hasn’t able to create frenzy around it. But media’s analysis that Jai Ho is a flop is unacceptable to me. It has done well enough to get ‘Hit’ tag. As far as Salman Khan, You can love him; you can Hate Him but You can’t Ignore Him. Salman Khan will come hard with a Bang at Box Office.

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  1. Masala films and south remakes will not help Salman anymore. He should try other genres now. Kick will go the same way like Jai Ho. But after that he should take up offers from Sooraj Barjatya, SHimit Amin, Karan Johar-Rohit Shetty etc.

    • Salman is a pathetic case with no future. In the last 5 years south remakes were attractions so his brainless films (where he could do what he does best – rip off his shirt, show off his body and beat up goons Rajinikanth-style) became blockbusters. Now sanity has returned to the audiences and Salman films will start flopping like Yuvvraaj, Main Aur Mrs.Khanna, London Dreams. He can’t act so doing serious films is out of question..

  2. The film is not a hit. Producers have made huge profits but distributors have made huge losses. It is semi-hit only. Salman has brought shame to the 100 crore club as it is the first 100 crore film to not even have ‘hit’ status.

    • jai ho is n’t a flop movie……………it is super hit move…and salman khan is the no.1 actor in india and worldwide. just check the link http://www.boxofficeindia.com/Boxoffice/star_ranking_india http://www.boxofficeindia.com/Boxoffice/star_ranking_worldwide because budget of jai ho is just 65 crs. and total worldwide gross is 180+ cr(150+ cr. net) and india net is 110+cr and overseas is 40cr……which is more then double and near to triple of budget…………..so salman is the only one actor who has back to back continuously six 100 cr. movies within 4 years ……………..JAI HO…….salman bhai……..haters are idiots……
      Eros brought the theatrical right around 110 cr. for worldwide……..here sohail khan made 45+ cr. profit…..
      Satellite right goes to Star tv for 50 cr. and music around 13 cr. ……here salman made 63+cr profit…….
      according to total net collection india and oversea(after tax) is 110+40=150cr……..here Eros made straight 40cr. profit till 2nd week…….if u count total profit of Jai ho movie 45+63+40=148 cr. which is very big profit for all ……
      but some TWO OR THREE places like West Bengal , ORISSA (where salman fans are less )…theater distributors have loss around 10 cr…….if we count in whole over india losses is atmax 20+cr……….
      if SALMAN BHAI gives 20 cr. to these distributor from his profit then net profit is 128 cr…….which means doble of budget of jai ho movie ………….so 100% JAI HO IS SUPER DUPER HIT…………..YOU CAN SEE FROM http://www.boxofficeindia.com
      and taran adarsh site(bollywoodhungama)
      and komal nahta site(komallnahtareview)
      etc……….Jai ho…….love u salman

  3. 100%%% fault of SOHIL KHAN…..HE SHOULD HAVE WORK HARDER ……….


    • Hi, i m also a great fan of Salman Khan, but Sohil & Arbaaj Khan don’t have sense to make the film in proper way… so that is why this time film not upto Mark…Lets wait for Kick Huge Blockbuster lets Hope … Jai Ho..


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