Arjun Kapoor is best known for his bromance and very visible chemistry with his Gunday actor Ranveer Singh but his brewing romance with 2 States co-star Alia Bhatt hasn’t withered away yet. The two recently made a joint entry at the Filmfare Nomination Party and everyone automatically gauged that the duo are coming out clean and confirming the rumors of their apparent relationship.


Koimoi recently caught up with Kapoor and when talks led to this the actor said, “Ofcourse we are friends. But the media has been speculating too much about it. I don’t mind rumors about me as long they don’t hit with a below the belt remark. Because even we have families who wouldn’t like reading about that kind of stuff being written.”

Arjun continues, “As far as Alia is concerned, we had a great time working on 2 States together. Coming to clarifying about us spotted at a movie hall together, the facts are incorrect. We were shooting at YRF studios all day for 2 States. And the screening was at YRF studios and not at any multiplex. Now if you have worked with someone all day, you can’t dodge them or ignore them while watching a film. Alia had gone to change after shoot and I had saved her a seat.”

Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt
Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

When asked about the joint appearance at Filmfare Nomination Party, he looks amused and says, ” Arey aap log bhi na. Now if you are going to a party don’t you call up a friend and check what time will they be reaching and try and land up around the same time. I did the same with Alia. Now when we reached, I gestured to Alia to take the lead in getting pictures clicked. But everyone was overtly excited about clicking us together. So we posed. And then it was all over the papers – Alia-Arjun confirming their link up.”

Surprisingly Arjun was very convincing about the close bond he shares with Alia and yet there wasn’t a hint of anything romantic in whatever he said. The actor seems very comfortable with what is written about him and prefers focusing on the projects at hand especially father Boney Kapoor’s Tevar that he is very excited about.

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