Heard of insensitive filmmaking? Sanjay Chhel just pioneered it. A year after the infamous Delhi Rape case that shook the nation, the director presents us with a sensational trailer of a woman who was victimized by a lecherous man who brutally rapes her. From the word go, the trailer will creep you out.

I have a definite problem with enactment of violent sexual acts on screen. We all know to which section of the public such films reach out to. It is plain synthetic filmmaking, utterly shallow with not one bit of aesthetic touch to it. The trailer is so grotesque, though I would like to believe it was a well intentioned move on part of the film’s makers. As a woman, I urge filmmakers to not sensationalize such crimes. There is nothing attractive or eye catching about crimes like sexual assaults and rapes. In times when sexual terrorism is becoming the norm of the day, such films or such trailers are simply looking to sell sleaze in garb of noble crusader like films.

Kill The Rapist? is not crusader like. To enact a rape scene in sequence of every piece of cloth stripped off a woman’s body is nothing to be proud of. In my opinion it is a just a sex tragedy that doesn’t lend hand to fighting the women’s causes at all.

Anjali Patil in a still from Kill The Rapist?
Anjali Patil in a still from Kill The Rapist?

Oozing out a massively heartless, uncaring and crassy story, I do have a word of advise on the climax’s opinion they are asking – Castration is the answer but only if that could have been executed on Nirbhaya’s rapists instead of death sentence. For what she suffered, it was a measly punishment.

And as for trying to cash in the martyr’s place in public memory, it was a painful tribute to the dead woman. Atleast, let her rest in peace. I doubt her wounds have even healed in death considering the magnitude of what was inflicted on her. Viewing this just shudders me and such flimsy attempts should be condemned!

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