I haven’t been so excited to watch a trailer for a very long time. The trailer of Kill Dil made me hoot Woot et al. I am so glad YRF has shed it’s romantic skin and are trying their hands at new genres. The most brilliant thing about Kill Dil‘s trailer is Govinda. The actor is back with a bang, with way more swagger than you last remember him. I don’t think anyone in the 90s would have imagined Govinda playing a veteran Gangster. But thank God, he did and he is matchless in whatever little we see of him in the trailer.

Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Govinda in a still from movie 'Kill Dil'
Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Govinda in a still from movie ‘Kill Dil’

The next exciting thing in the trailer is Parineeti who too has got out of her vivacious enthusiasm and is playing a garishly dressed bar dancer. Leather jacket and kill for pyaar attitude quite suits her bold look and Parineeti dons it with conviction and confidence.

But definitely the super cool boys can’t be missed. Ranveer Singh more than Ali Zafar, looks smashing. Looking an absolute charmer, Singh mutters some quirky dialogues with his infectious gusto. At one point, he says, “Main tabse gun chala raha hoon, jab tu apne Maa ke andar nahi, apne baap ke andar tha.” High on quirk, the dialoguebaazi will be something to die for in this film. Ali Zafar doesn’t leave by a memorable impression and that’s the only hitch but for the pluses, why wouldn’t someone like the trailer.

The long hiatus hasn’t deterred Govinda. He is the best reason for people to await Kill Dil. Though nothing like Kill Bill, the swagger and the quirk all make for slinky trailer.

Kill Dil Trailer

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